Editorial for April 5: Blackouts offer an opportunity

It looks like we may be in for a long, hot summer.

Anticipated rolling blackouts started in earnest Sunday afternoon when two of the generating units at CUC experienced problems.

To be fair, CUC did warn residents of Grand Cayman back in February that there was going to be a possibility of outages because of a loss of generation.

Blackouts aren’t new to anyone who has spent a few summers on Grand Cayman. Many homeowners and businesses actually have plans to deal with unexpected outages because we have come to, well, expect them. We just never know when they’re going to happen.

The outages experienced Sunday and continued into Monday as CUC staffers worked to repair the crippled generators

They could continue until all repairs are made and the arrival of a temporary generator, scheduled for 10 April.

That leaves businesses in a precarious position.

Even as this editorial is being penned, we don’t know if power will be cut off in a rolling blackout at Cayman Free Press, causing us to miss crucial deadlines to get our daily newspaper, various magazines and other products printed and delivered.

If we do get this editorial finished before any power loss is experienced, we can only hope that the power stays on through the production phase.

While it is not our remit to offer advice to businesses or even homeowners, we do suggest that backup generation is in place to get through the now anticipated but unexpected rolling blackouts that are probably going to become more commonplace in the short term. We do, after all, live on an Island.

We have full confidence that CUC is doing all it can to repair its engines and generators so they can offer adequate power supplies to residents, visitors and businesses on Grand Cayman.

In the meantime, take the opportunity of the power blackouts to begin rehearsing for hurricane season and any storms that come our way and knock out power.

If you don’t have your own generator, consider purchasing one to keep the flow of business and work at home flowing.