Brazil school massacre

A gunman opened fire inside a
school in Rio de Janeiro, killing 11 students before being taking his own life,
officials said.

Eighteen others were injured,
including 12 boys and six girls, the government said

The shooting happened the Tasso da
Silveira Municipal School.

According to a military police
officer, he was approached on the street two blocks from the school by a
student who had been shot in the face.

He asked for aid and said that
there was a shooter at the school.

The police entered the building and
heard shooting on the second floor.

They found the gunman walking up
the stairs to the third floor, the policeman said.

The man was identified as
Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 23, a former student at the school, the government

Police shot Menezes de Oliveira in
the leg, causing him to fall on the stairs.

At that point, the policeman said,
the gunman shot himself in the head.

According to Record TV, Menezes de
Oliveira entered the school in the morning armed with two handguns and began
shooting at children and school personnel.

There were reports that he had left
a letter behind that mentioned he had HIV, Agencia Brasil said.

Brazilian President
Dilma Rousseff said she was “shocked” by the attack and had “great
concern” about the incident.


Anxious parents and locals watch as events unfold outside the school after the shooting in Rio de Janeiro.