Funds raiser joins NS seamen

A call for help from the North Side Seamen’s Memorial has been answered.

Amanda Wright has stepped forward to help raise money so that volunteers can complete the memorial.

“I think the community has been awakened. Now it’s time for us to solicit the public for funding,” said memorial committee member Paul Ebanks.

While there isn’t a dedicated amount to finishing the monument, committee members know it will take thousands of dollars.

Fundraising began on National Heroes’ Day on 24 January when North Side residents turned out for an afternoon ceremony to get an update on the status of the monument. On the day, more than $5,000 was raised through donations and pledges, but that is a drop in the ocean compared to what will be needed.

Ms Wright will be writing letters to the families of North Side seamen and others interested in the project in an effort to raise more money.

The Bracker is no stranger to Cayman’s seafaring heritage – her grandfather was a seaman.

“I spoke with Uncle Lloyd (Ebanks). His story is so amazing; the way they worked so hard,” she said. “I went to the archives and read everything I could. I was so amazed by it. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I want to show young people what they did for us.”

And that’s really the reason for Ms Wright’s signing on with the North Side seamen to help the monument become a reality. She wants to show youths the work ethic of Cayman’s forefathers and try to influence them to adopt the same ideals.

She is a member of the Save our Youth Foundation and is writing a book for teen moms. She wants to target gangs and teenage pregnancy.

“They’re [youths] being left to do what they want to do. I can see the future becoming worse. Our seamen had pride,” she said.

She wants the youths to listen to the stories of the seamen and become inspired.

“I can see it coming together,” she said.

“These stories are so awesome and they’re going to the grave.

They should be kept alive. They built Cayman. They really should be acknowledged.”


A viewing platform has been constructed at the monument and is awaiting railing. Granite will grace the face of the monument and a fibreglass dome is envisioned for the top.

“Our idea of doing the dome was to have half a globe to keep it nautical with a catboat weather vane on top,” said Mr. Ebanks. The half globe is to show that Caymanians sailed all over the world and the catboat is a major part of Cayman’s heritage. All three Islands are to be highlighted.”

For more information about fundraising for the North Side Seamen’s monument,

call Ms Wright at 939-9443.


John Smith of the North Side Seamen’s Monument committee hands Amanda Wright the letter that gives her permission to solicit money on behalf of the monument fund. Attending is committee member Paul Ebanks.
Photo: Tammie C. Chisholm