Letters to the Editor: Rundown continues to succeed

I’ve heard the news and I’m writing to say congratulations to all the people involved with Rundown for a successful 2011 delivery.

Going back almost two decades, Rundown has truly been a family affair and it’s great to see it still “coming strong” as we say in the Caribbean.

I must single out my good friend Henry Muttoo, who was there directing and persevering from the very first Rundown I cranked out 20 years ago, and I know how determined he was to keep giving Cayman this light-hearted look at life there. But a wave also to the gifted cast, many of them there from the start – Leroy, Consuelo, Quincy, Alan, Morgan, Michael, Rita, Fritz, Giselle, Evelyn, and the rest of the bunch. And I must also tip my hat to the late Tony Rowlands, to Herbie Martin and to the multi-talented Harwell McCoy who were stalwarts in the early years of the show.

Show business combinations come and go, but this one has truly been like a family from the beginning, thanks to the patience and skill of Henry. It really does not seem like 20 years.

It is especially gratifying that two Guyanese visitors to Cayman, in myself and Henry Muttoo, have been able to generate something that Caymanians now rightfully see as part of that culture. I know I speak for Henry when I say we are both proud of that.

Finally, I was particularly happy to see Consuelo and Steve McField, two essential Caymanians, each featuring in some way in the 2011 show.

Keep it up. I might even come next year and sit in the audience and take it all in one more time.

Dave Martins