One million texts 
for health message

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition has launched a public awareness campaign to educate people across the region about chronic diseases.

As part of its campaign, the Coalition plans to send one million text messages highlighting chronic illness issues within the Caribbean.

Digicel has joined the campaign to help it reach its target by September, when Caribbean leaders are due to attend a United Nations meeting on non-communicable diseases.

At the meeting, experts in dealing with cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes will develop 34 recommendations with the aim of reducing deaths by chronic diseases by 2 per cent a year, according to a statement from the Non-Communicable Disease Alliance, which the Coalition is supporting.

The NCD Alliance is lobbying the UN General Assembly to adopt the recommendations in a document targeted at heads of state and government who will meet in New York in September.

Ann Keeling, chairperson of the NCD Alliance, said: “This groundbreaking document is the beginning of an important dialogue which will help us convince political leaders to act to combat four diseases which together are the world’s 
single biggest killer.”

Digicel will also act as a liaison for the coordination of text blasts and quantified data reports, as well as drive the campaign through Facebook and Twitter.

Digicel Commercial Director, Brian Finn, said: “As champions of change within our markets, Digicel has active community outreach programmes that consistently make positive differences. We are pleased to partner with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition on this health revolution to educate on non-communicable ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.”

Over the course of the campaign, Digicel subscribers in the Associate Member and Member States of CARICOM will be encouraged to text support for the World Leaders Summit and will receive daily health tips alerts.