Pedestrian hit, driver arrested

A woman who was apparently trying to cross West Bay Road near Calico Jacks late Friday was struck by a car.

The accident happened around 11pm Friday, according to police, and caused the closure of West Bay Road for a couple of hours. 

Witnesses said the victim, 28, was knocked unconscious after being hit. She was taken to the Cayman Islands hospital where she was later treated for relatively minor injuries and released.

It was believed a few individuals had called to the woman from across the street and when she attempted to cross the road, she was struck.

The 48-year-old driver of the Nissan Laurel involved in the accident was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.



  1. When will the insanity of drink driving in Cayman end? What more can the police do? Should the pubs bars start cutting obviously drunk patrons off?

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