Soulful sounds of Wayneroy

When Wayneroy takes the stage this weekend at the Young Again event for the release of his new album, Older Than I Look, he will bring his experiences with him.

“I like to say I speak to the ladies,” he says, “but I speak for the men. A lot of the time we don’t know how to express ourselves and we are human, we do have emotions. We might not know how to express ourselves, but we do feel these things.

“For me, I’ve gone through heartbreaks, loss of friends, and I put all that in my music. Every song on there is like a life experience for myself.”

Wayneroy, who is from Cayman, wrote and produced everything on the album.

His musical influences are varied, with some coming from church as a youngster and watching his dad produce, plus listening to classic artists like Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Donny Hathaway and Boyz II Men.

“I am rooted and grounded in some old-school R&B. My approach for everything has been bringing back that R&B sound we know from back in the day but bringing the production level to today’s standards.

“It still has that influence of jazz, blues and gospel chords in the production. It’s modern R&B but has the essence of the music we grew up on and loved.”

Although the artist is educated in his musical tastes, he says he doesn’t have much time for some of the new music on the airwaves.

“It’s repetitive, it has no substance to it. Not to disrespect any artist, but Akon’s stuff, T-Pain’s stuff – there’s nothing there that you can actually say, ‘I can learn a lesson from this,’ or ‘this will teach me how to approach a certain situation, a certain way.’

“It’s all just entertainment, a song we can vibe out to in a club or rock out to in a car but as far as taking a lesson from today’s music – it’s very rare.”

Young again

The album’s called Older Than I Look, which the singer says relates both to the music on the disc and the fact that the fresh-faced guy, who is actually 26, is often taken for being much younger.

“I have to be truthful to myself; you’ll never hear me sing about something I have no experience of. The song Young Again – also the name of the event – talks about a past relationship I had with a woman 10 years older. I was the younger person in the relationship, so for me it was all fun and games but for her she feels like she’s back in high school, she’s giddy-headed, she’s young again.”

The album was originally due to come out in September 2010 but a major computer crash led to the loss of 74 songs that were being considered. Engineers could only retrieve 30 per cent, which of course was the 30 per cent Wayneroy didn’t like, so he re-recorded the entire album. “…I went back into the studio and produced new stuff.”

Fair enough.

So get on it: the date is Saturday, 16 April, the venue is Westin Casuarina, and there’s a buffet-style dinner planned starting at 6pm.

“You’re coming out to listen to some great music, eat some great food, we have giveaways all night, lingerie gift certificates, spa treatments – it’s really going to be an amazing event.

“It’s something that Cayman has never seen before as an album release, a musical presentation. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but if you’ve seen the Grammys, the MTV Awards, this is similar to it, Music, video, lighting live band, everything.”

Tickets are available at Reflections, Vibe, Winners Circle, Department of Tourism and Funky Tangs for $60.

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