Williams steals the show

Great adult comedy breezes through our shores like a breath of fresh air on the second Friday and Saturday of every month, and the latest edition maintained the momentum.

The Laughter Lounge Comedy show returned to Margaritaville with Damon Williams reappearing as emcee and Marvin “Mr. Miami” Dixon making the short hop from Florida as the main act. Promoted by Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts of Executive Class Entertainment, they are becoming a permanent fixture in many diaries.

As Williams gets to understand Cayman culture better, he pulls out the most hilarious observations and actually managed to get the biggest laughs on Friday.

“We come here because you residents need it,” he explained, then talked about attending the Rundown comedy show the previous evening.

“It was so long and slow it should be called the Runwalk,” he quipped.

Then Williams had a gentle pop at our radio stations, imitated our “national dance style of soca” and claimed that this was the his first time here when it was really hot “and I’ve got three shades darker in a few days”.

He teased a big muscular man in the audience but then quickly backed off when the response was surly. “Man, you looked like you do some mixed martial arts on me!”

Williams loved an Irish girl’s accent so much he didn’t think she could sound abusive even if she cussed like a street urchin. Best local gag was when he got so intimately frisked by a woman security guard on his way into Jet nightclub that he thought of returning to the back of the queue just for a repeat experience. His visit to Stingray City was exceptionally funny too.

With a buildup like that, Dixon had a lot to live up to. His initial material is obviously tailored to a younger, urban audience because it was all about the shooting of legendary rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls and hip hop music generally.

Music is obviously a big part of his repertoire as it was the continual theme. He brought the audience round by singing a “white medley” and getting some interaction there.

Dixon’s best local joke was that Cayman is so healthy and drug-free that he hasn’t seen a crackhead yet. When he invited the audience to name any streets with crack houses, he was perplexed by the high number shouted his way.

Williams signed off by promising to bring women comics in the future. “Mind you,” he said. “they are mostly gay. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve learned to dress better just by watching Ellen De Generes!”

Great fun, so look out for the next shows on 13 and 14 May.

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