Letters to the Editor: Appeal to the people of the Cayman Islands

My name is Marge Mangrove and I have been taking care of this Island for more than 30 million years. Please protect me from the foolish humans who are plotting to destroy me!

This is the first time I’ve sought your mercy. And from the sound of things, it may be my last! I’m just recovering from the battering I took from Hurricane Ivan. Now I’m getting depressing reports from Cilia Crab, her bird friends and even the fish. They are all chatting about the humans who are plotting to dredge out the North Sound, MY home!

Either these [fools] don’t understand, or they don’t care that by cutting out my womb, they will destroy the nursery for so many sea creatures. Imagine what would happen if our fish population vanishes. I don’t think they understand that I create a livelihood for many humans as well.

Many humans depend on the baby fish I raise to keep their own families well fed and happy. I fear for the safety of the baby turtles that find refuge in my roots; so few of the hundreds of eggs that are laid rarely make it past the first five minutes of life. The ones that do survive are the few that make themselves at home in my roots and live to be hundreds of years old.

It makes me proud to know that tourists from all over the world come to see the life that I help to sustain.

Initially I thought this talk of destroying my home was just a rumour; however, when you hear it again and again from family and friends, it becomes more and more ominous. This is why I’m asking for help from the REASONABLE people of these Islands. We can’t be locked in a perpetual state of denial at a time like this, a time when natural disasters have been occurring all over the planet!

I’m sorry to tell you, but you might need my protection now more than ever before. Thirty million years of protection may not mean much to the few that only care about money, but money won’t save anyone from storms like Ivan and his family when they come for you! Money cannot protect you the way I have. You don’t want to be like Esau who sold his birthright for one morsel of food.

There was a time in these Islands when good humans looked out for ecosystems like me, because they knew the importance of bilateral protection, but for some reason humans in charge have lost their foresight and don’t seem to care. It shocks me to see that this could happen. I thought professional people like lawyers, doctors, scientist, pastors, nurses, teachers, civil servants and police would step to the forefront and block a foolish decision that could cause the total destruction of our delicate balance. They know and understand the importance of me. Have I misjudged the checks and balances of humans?

Once again, I come to you for help as you are the last resort on this most delicate matter. I have protected you for a very long time; now it’s your turn to protect me! So many of my inland cousins have been destroyed, why should my brothers and sisters that line the coasts suffer the same fate? Please call your MLA and tell them you don’t want this to happen and stop this in its tracks NOW. As I remain the ever loving, ever faithful and ever protecting,

Marge Mangrove


  1. Interesting that there are no comments on this item, after 9 days: that says something rather powerful about public awareness/understanding/willingness to think and speak up, doesn’t it?
    Any comment from our MLAs? apart from those off Island of course.

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