Crazy music for crazy times

Cayman hasn’t seen one particular brand of Crazy for 25 years.

But Crazy is looking forward to revisiting the scene where he first introduced soca to Cayman.

“It’s a long time since I came to Cayman Islands – at that time soca music was not in Cayman Islands – I was one of the pioneers; I the man who bring soca to Cayman, 25 years ago,” says the Trini calypso legend.

His first appearance here went down well, too.

“Yeah man, big response – I was as popular as anybody else from Trinidad or Jamaica or anybody and very popular here too. At that time the image was crazy – Crazy is a good looking fella with long hair. Now I get a little older I have a beard but I’m still good looking and still crazy – but not stupid crazy; I am good crazy, not bad crazy.”

The performer will be making a special appearance at the Masquerade Fete at Rooftop Bar on Thursday, 5 May, as well as hanging out for the whole Batabano weekend. So what can people expect?
“Party songs. I coming to the carnival for a party – carnival is party, to make people happy. The songs I have are fun songs to make people jump and weave and do antics.”

Pioneering performer

Expect songs like Cold Sweat, The Party Now Start, Nani Wine and many more classics from the unique and pioneering soca performer – after decades in the business there’s one thing that still rings true for Crazy, and that is the power of togetherness.

“During the year, everybody have their business to do but carnival is a thing that brings people together. Whether your job is a big shot or not, the rich and the poor get together, mix together at carnival. People come together to have a good time. After carnival they all go back into their own little hole. It is a fun-loving thing.”

Crazy grew up listening to calypso acts like Sparrow and Spoiler, learning his craft from the greats. It clearly worked – he’s as prolific as ever.

“I started singing at the age of 15, 16 and that’s how I got started to get involved in Trinidad & Tobago calypso. Now I write songs for other people, young people – I train them who want to come into the business. Every year I do 40 songs and I give them to people, to help people. I will pick the right songs to suit the image of the right singer. Right now I have 15 new songs ready.

“I sing all different tunes; party, politics, social commentary and also a lot of humour. I was here 25 years ago and I’m coming back with big hits that the people of Cayman don’t know. We’re going to party.”


Gettin’ crazy at the Carnival.
Photo: File

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