In glorious technicolour

When Debbie Chase van der Bol unveils her latest set of artworks at Full of Beans on 3 May, the passion for Cayman and colour will be truly evident.

The artist has been inspired by her surroundings and the unique sunny Cayman colours for three decades, she tells us.

“My Cayman Colours continues my passion for painting Cayman as much today as when I first arrived as a visitor, a scuba diver, a painter who fell in love with so much of Cayman. The colourful Cayman shadows anchor the bright turquoises, sparkling whites, hot pinks and cool greens throughout Cayman and in my paintings. I hope my paintings are truly Caymanian in spirit.

“I strive for artistic uniqueness as I paint in Cayman and these 30 years have rewarded me with certain paintings I simply love,” she says.

Quite so. The subject matter is based round all three islands, with a range of Cayman subjects on show. There’s also something of a different approach to one particular piece, says the manager of Pure Art.

“The show has an unexpected 3D wall piece of Caymanian thatch. I have constructed local thatch artists’ woven pieces into a wall sculpture I hope folks appreciate.”
Being the manager of the popular art shop gives her, she tells us, the opportunity to see Cayman’s local artists create wonderful original paintings.

“I am inspired by their works, for I believe art inspires art. Open your mind to Art is on our front door, welcoming the Cayman public to visit.

“As an artist, my painting is as important as breathing. Once I am inspired I paint, it is frustrating if I can’t get started painting so I try to paint often in my home studio. I have been painting for the show for ten months. I generally photograph my subject, sketch it for composition and approach, then start painting and each piece takes on a life of its own.”

Great masters

Debbie further explains that inspiration is also based on a real appreciation for what might be called classic works from the great masters.

“I am really a fan of the original paintings I viewed by Vincent Van Gogh on several trips to visit family in The Netherlands. I am in awe of how Van Gogh’s unique colours and Impressionist brush strokes and medium application was so moving! I love how his common everyday subjects become important in his paintings.

“I also love the American artist Mary Cassatt painted portraits in pastel or oil with vigour and gorgeous colours. She studied under E. Degas, and I admire her commitment of her art before women traditionally were artists as a career.”

Debbie is looking forward to meeting people at her opening on Tuesday, 3 May from 5.30 to 7.30pm, and discussing the newest pieces.

“I hope the acrylics, inks and watercolours and thatch work shows my recent attention to light and shadows, colours deep or bright.

“I am so thankful for my art. I pray Cayman’s future is positive and appreciates its natural blessings and cultural uniqueness. Thus I am sure myself, and others, will continue to paint Cayman again and again. I am sure my future will mix up plenty of Cayman’s colours.”

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