Car sought in Blackbeard’s attempted robbery

Two suspects nabbed by local fishermen

passers-by chased down and caught a pair of masked men who tried to rob
Blackbeard’s liquor store in Grand Harbour on Monday afternoon.

arrested the robbers, who were allegedly carrying a shotgun and a can of pepper
spray, and they are currently in custody.

One of the
men who chased the robbers said he and his friend tackled the pair and disarmed
them shortly after they left the store and took off running.

“We got
into a chase and we apprehended them,” said the man, who asked not to be named.
“The chase went on a long time – about a half an hour.”

The robbers
ran through the car park at Grand Harbour, and onto Selkirk Road before
doubling back and eventually being stopped by the two men on open land near the
Royal Bank of Canada.

“It was all
on foot, no vehicles,” said the man who chased the pair.

to witnesses, the female cashier on duty at the front of the store spotted the
two men, who had shirts covering their faces, as they entered Blackbeard’s, and
ran and locked herself in the bathroom. The two men then left the store,
apparently empty handed.

Police search for suspect getaway car

Detectives investigating the attempted robbery at
Blackbeard’s are keen to trace the driver of a car which was
seen driving off from the Selkirk Drive area shortly after the

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Cranswick said: “ The
information we have been given by members of the public who were in the area
when the crime occurred suggests that a 3rd person may have been
involved in the incident. It seems that a car –  a silver/ grey Pontiac four
door sedan – was parked in the vicinity of Selkirk Drive as the incident
unfolded on Monday  afternoon.  There was only one person inside the car – the
male driver. He drove off as the suspects left the liquor store and were chased
into Selkirk Drive by members of the public.

“We would be keen to speak to this man, anyone who saw him in
the area or driving off from the scene, or anyone who can provide any
information as to his identity or the location of the car, as soon as possible.
Any information about this man or the car could be vital to the ongoing

Two men aged 17 and 18 years were arrested Monday
afternoon after they were detained by the two passers-by.  



  1. Two civilians showing the RCIPS how it should be done.

    People are totally fed up with this daylight robbery business and willing to do something about it.

    Better to die as a lion than live like a lamb (to the slaughter, that is).

    Kudos for them !

  2. Now That’s what I’m talking about, these are two crooks that won’t be sticking up anyone else. The guys that tracked them down need to be honored because the surely would have never been caught and looking for new victim tomorrow.

    Big Up Fellas

  3. Taking the island back two thugs at a time! Now throw the book at these dung beetles and make an example of them. If they are Caymanian, put them in shackles for a few years. If they are ex-pats on a work visa, put them on a one way flight back to their native country and never let them step foot here again. Law abiding citizens have had ENOUGH!!!

  4. If these two were armed with a shotgun, I am sorry that I must take a different approach. Chasing people, who have already demonstrated that they are desperate individuals and have shotguns to prove it, is not a matter of heroics but rather an act of foolish bravery. While in chase, if these individuals turn around and shoot the pursuers, then we are dealing with death and for what, an attempted robbery and not even a dime was stolen. This is a vigilante approach to justice and we know where that leads. Bravery is divided by a fine line with foolery.If you think that these acts of bravey are going to deter crime, then think again.

  5. Bubba, I understand your point, but eventually, enough is enough. Maybe these two gentlemen had reached a point where they could not stand idly by without acting on a crime in progress. They had already disarmed them before chasing them down. These are hardworking law abiding citizens and they love their home. They are out on the waters making a hard living and they are tired of seeing these thugs just try to take from someone else making an honest living.
    This crime wave has got to stop. It’s not an easy task and it won’t be accomplished by being timid. Police response/investigation tactics needs to be improved and until that happens, it might take someone walking a fine line between bravery and foolery as you stated, but at some point a line must be drawn in the sand.
    Criminals are pushing the decent folks. If we don’t push back and if there are no repercussions for these heinous acts, they will continue these brazen attacks. Do you think if these two criminals had been successful, that they would not have felt empowered to do it again next week?
    Time for justice to be served and an example made of them. We will not tolerate this any longer!

  6. Bubba is right. We should just stand there and let the criminals get away.

    Infact, we should all just put up signs on our homes, when the hours we will be home and when we are gone. With a map to where the valuables are located in our homes. So as not to stress out, or have the theives actually work for thier stolen goods.

    *shines light directly at Bubba.

    And where were you last week during that robbery?

  7. Bubba

    You win a war, one battle at a time…

    This time, the good guys won, for once.

    Who knows when or where the next robbery will take place or what its outcome will be but…

    For today the good guys scored a goal, whereas all they’ve been coming up with is o-goal losses.

    By your reckoning, if those same two robbers had come to your house, you would have gladly welcomed them in, trembling in fear and have them freely partake of your possessions and valuables that you and your family have worked extremely hard to earn…

    And then gladly bid them goodbye and a faretheewell…

    I kinda think I like the other two guys approach a little better than yours…

    No disrespect intended to you.

  8. Firey

    I think you misunderstand me. If someone were to enter my property or endanger my family in some way, I would defend to the death.We agreee on that.

    This is not a Superhero Society we live in where people fly around in capes or try to be Spiderman and protect the world.

    Having said that, I would help defend any person being attacked in any way and I could prevent harm. But when it comes to a chase of people who have guns and fouled in a robbery, I will not take chase and be a Superhero.

    Have a good one my friend.

  9. Bubba

    Thanks for your measured response…

    I don’t believe in vigilanteism any more than you do.

    On reading this story, I get an idea that these two men knew what they were doing, were definitely fit enough to chase these two robbers for half-an-hour or more of running and seemed to disarm them pretty easily, whether it was before or after the chase and…

    Have refused to have their names taken by the press.

    Does that suggest anything to you, when taken altogether ?

    There might be people out there who are much more prepared for this kind of situation than we are aware of.

    I live in Britain, where recently robbers were foiled and beaten over the head with a handbag by a 71-year old lady until they were caught and restrained by other members of the public.

    Its the size of the heart that beats within a person’s chest that makes all the difference sometimes, not the size or danger of their weapon.

    I do accept that you might not have made that same decision but don’t penalise those two for having done what they did.

    They might even be called heroes by some.

    All the best to you too.

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