Airport emergency exercise

The Cayman Islands tested its readiness for emergencies at Owen Roberts International Airport on Thursday.

The premise of the exercise was that a B737-300 aircraft had been involved in an accident at the airport. Nine agencies and emergency units coordinated their responses, working as though it were a real incident.

Inspector Richard Barrows called the exercise, which had taken months of preparation, a success. The exercise included an updated emergency plan and gave an appreciation of protocols and what each agency does in a situation and how quickly the systems can be put in place. One area under review is whether cell phones, for example, may have a role in future incidents, or what happens if networks are down.

Andrew McLaughlan, senior manager of safety management systems at the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, said it was an excellent exercise, but he conceded that communications could use a little improvement.

In the past year, he said, the airport has introduced a central location that will be used as an emergency operations centre.

As with all parts of the exercise, officials are reviewing the effectiveness of current plans and where improvements may be needed.

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The RCIPS were part of the simulated incident at the airport last week. – Photo: Submitted


  1. is there perhaps a more regal reason perhaps behind this exercise? Brilliant that the exercise has taken place in readiness for my visit next Easter but perhaps there will be some more important guests visiting the Island before I descend on the Carribean Club with my family? I certainly hope so!

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