KPMG splits Butterfield

Youth baseball continues in Cayman and saw a rare draw at the Field of Dreams facility in George Town.

KPMG and team Butterfield would play to a 7-7 tie in the minors division of the 2011 league. The Cayman Islands Little League match would go back and forth over four innings. KPMG scored five runs in the first inning before posting two runs in the third. Butterfield meanwhile notched two runs in the first and third innings before coming back with three runs in the fourth.

KPMG actually opened the match strongly with three strike-outs. The bottom of the frame saw Butterfield’s Will Roberts struggle with control. Even though the mercy rule was applied the game was elected to continue.

Jevon Forbes pitched well for Butterfield with a scoreless inning and three strike-outs. Team-mate Terrelle Forbes hit a home run and Brianna DaCosta had a Run Batted In as both earned player of the 
game kudos.