US Again net East End props

Community volleyball up East officially came to a close recently.

The East End Community Volleyball League wrapped up over the weekend at the East End Civic Centre. Put on by the East End Sports Committee, the competition saw eight teams split up into an adult and a youth division.

US Again, featuring Curtis Welcome and Delwin McLaughlin, emerged the winners in the adult segment with 278 points. Team OJ were second with 271 points and East End Bullets, with established player Anthony Bodden and referee Curtis Richards, came third with 248 points. Caymanites, led by John McLean Jr, were fourth with 241 points and the Undertakers were fifth with 181 points.

The youth category of the competition saw the Bikers come out on top with 142 points. The Lions, with stand-put players Deandre Bodden and Nathaniel Augustine, were second with 140 points while the Stingers were third with 121 points.

East End Sports Committee member Vernie Watler-Harris states the competition was good for residents of the districts.

“I think it went very well,” Watler-Harris said. “Doing the community sports gives everyone an opportunity to know a person better than before because of the interaction. It was well received and a lot of people enjoy the sport of volleyball. In fact they want to keep their passion going.

“To that end our referee Curtis Richards will be doing after-school sessions on Thursdays 5-7pm. The idea is to groom the young talent we have so that they can participate in the different leagues. This Saturday he is going to take interested young players to the Family Life Centre for a mini-volleyball clinic.”

May saw the close of the volleyball league after it started back in March. Games have taken place most Saturdays from 6pm. The community sports initiative is into its third year in East End and actually started with football. Watler-Harris states the plan is to go back the world’s most beautiful game this summer.

“We’re doing football next. We’re hoping to start in mid-June with games taking place at the East End play field. The goal is to encompass a lot of players. We’re also coordinating with West Bay, whose sports committee is looking to do a football competition of their own around the same time.”