WB man robbed at gunpoint

A business owner returning home with his takings was robbed at gunpoint
and fired at in the early hours of Tuesday morning in West Bay.

Police said that shortly after 2.15am, they received a report that a
44-year-old man had been robbed outside his home in Glade Drive.

The man, a local business owner, had been returning home from work and
was carrying his business takings in a bag.

He was confronted by three men wearing dark clothing outside his house.
Police said the man reported that two of the suspects appeared to have

The suspects grabbed the bag of cash from the man, and one of them
struck him on the head with a firearm, cutting him on the head.

As the suspects ran off, one fired a gun at the man.

The victim was not injured by the shot, but required medical attention
for the laceration to his head.

Anyone who was in the area at the time and has not yet come forward
should contact West Bay CID on 949-3999, or the confidential Crime Stoppers
number 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. Making no excuses for the losers out there sticking folks up. But what person in his right mind would travel from his business to his home alone at 2:15 in the morning with a bag of money. Come on people think, you know the Gun Man is out there looking for you so don’t make it easy for him. Everyone has to realize that in such a small community people are sure to know who these robbers are, so the robbers surely know who has the money, I’m sure these guys watched this man for days working hard at this business to bring the money home for his family meanwhile these lowlifes are looking at him licking their lips like wolves stalking sheep and that he would be coming home alone with his hard earned cash for them to make easy pickings of.

    While there is no excuse for stealing, sometimes you can put yourself in a dangerous situation that could have been avoid by showing a little common since. The Cayman Islands is not Crime free so stop acting like it is people, it’s time to get bars on your windows and most of all WATCH YOUR BACKSjust like we have to do in the US and the rest of the world.

  2. This sounds like the same MO of several robberies in the East end, maybe they should look into that?

    Why do they have to hurt people?? They are getting ballsy! They need to be stopped!

    Anybody agree?

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