Cayman features in major 
Caribbean tourism movie

Cayman is to appear in a comprehensive new Caribbean tourism movie.

Martinique-based Patrick Baucelin has had a long and distinguished 30-year career as a videographer with his current company Studio Pat. His current project, Cities of the Caribbean Islands, will create a promotional DVD that highlights every Caribbean island.

“It’s a documentary of 42 minutes about the different capitals of the Caribbean. Thirty islands, to promote the whole of the Caribbean; the video shooting consists of the main monuments, main streets, churches, markets and places of different cities of the Caribbean.

“I am no reporter, just a filmmaker. I think people [need to] know the different capitals of the different islands and for me, I live in Martinique in the French West Indies and I think it’s important that Martiniquans know the different capitals and islands of the Caribbean,” Mr. Baucelin told the Compass.

When the documentary is finished schools will be allowed to view it for free. It will also be sent to tourism boards, ministers of tourism and libraries free of charge.

Informing the Caribbean

Partners in the project include the European Fund under Interreg Caribbean. Support also comes from the Regional Council of Martinique and the Caribbean Tourism Organisation.

“When the documentary is finished I will come back to the different islands to project and distribute it. The tourism organisation will help me link up with different reporters and television [at that stage], to inform people of the Caribbean that it is free and available,” said the filmmaker.

The filming has taken a year already, explained Mr. Baucelin, who arrived – and departed – on Wednesday, 11 May, aboard the Carnival Liberty cruise ship. Video shooting will pause from June to November because of the hurricane season with the aim to finish filming in January.

“After that we will be editing the DVD. It [will be available] in French, Spanish and English. There will be no charge for TV broadcast for all the stations of the Caribbean.”