Bank tunnel investigated

Police continued to investigate an attempted burglary in which a person or persons apparently tried to tunnel their way through to Butterfield Bank’s vault at the Compass Centre over the long weekend.

Mike McWatt, deputy managing director of Butterfield, said he could not confirm whether the burglars had managed to reach the vault.

“We are working with the police. Once we are in a position, we would be happy to share as much information as possible. At this point, given how current it is, I’m not in a position to confirm one way or the other [whether the 
burglars broke in].”

Police initially reported the incident as a burglary, and in a later statement to media described it as an 
attempted burglary.

Throughout Monday, police and bank officials were at the scene and a back hoe was brought in.

It was business as usual at the bank Tuesday morning, 24 hours after the tunnel at the side of the building was discovered. The hole had been covered up with earth and concrete and a security guard was positioned at the corner of the building.

Photos show a hole had been dug through the side of the building, big enough for a person to climb through. Police have not revealed how deep within the building the 
tunnel reached.


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