Roma seeking challenge abroad

Roma netball club recently secured their spot at the top of the sport in Cayman. Now the club is making plans to chase props abroad.

This month Roma fielded the top two squads in the 2011 open league put on by the Cayman Islands Netball Association. At the Truman Bodden Sports Complex netball courts the A team took down All Stars A 40-34 for the national championship. The B side meanwhile would defeat All Stars B 23-19 for the consolation cup. The victories would mark the squad’s second straight national title and first consolation honour (in the B team’s inaugural season no less).

All of that success has Roma founder and team manager Stacy-Ann Dehaney eyeing props at competitions overseas.

“We’re trying to get the team to go to the Florida Netball Classic in November,” Dehaney said. “We’re hoping Roma can shine in the States like they have shined in Cayman. Both finals were good competitive games and we need more of that here in Cayman.

“We need to invite more teams to come down and play in order to boost up Cayman netball. It’s all about bringing a different flavour and excitement to the sport. Cayman needs, among other things, a senior national team to join the Under-16 side that exists.”

Interestingly Dehaney is the starting Wing Attack and team captain for the A side. As expected she played a integral role in keeping the offence in gear, steadied by attackers Kay Copeland, Nicola Pringle and Dazema Ricketts. Dehaney states All Stars did not make winning an easy task, which in turn made this year’s triumph the sweetest for her.

“It was tight because we made mistakes in the first quarter, especially with centre passes. Nicola and I were under pressure. Our defence had to step up, especially in the second half, with Ramona Denton coming on and making a big impact in the third quarter. With our endurance and experience we were able to come back.

“I was a little worried in the first and second quarters. All Stars attacker Stacy (Reid-Satahoo) played so well, putting pressure on our defence. Pauline (Bodden), for an older lady, was on target and very accurate while moving and running circles around our defenders. The will was there though and I knew we were going to win. We kept our cool with no arguing or bickering and the Roma fans, our cheer-leading section, made a difference by doing so much to boost us up.

“We deserved it because we worked hard. We did everything together as a team. I was off island when we won last year. This feels like the first one for me. I’m so happy that I was here to see the hard work and dedication pay off. I think I’m the happiest person on the team because I personally have done so much for the girls. We are a family with a good relationship with each other on and off the court. I brought them together as a unit and put the team together with our name Roma coming from being affiliated with the Roma United Sports Club (which features numerous football teams).”