Hit hole-in-one, win $1M

Fundraiser for CrimeStoppers


Some lucky golfers could win $1 million if they are skilful enough to hit a hole-in-one during a charity golf tournament on 3 June at the North Sound Club. 

Although there will be big money and some nice prizes on the table during the Cayman CrimeStoppers Million Dollar Shoot-out, the organisation’s chairman, Eric Bush, said it’s really about having a good time and supporting an important cause. 

“We aim for it to be a fun morning and afternoon, while informing people about the CrimeStoppers programme and our successes to date,” he said. 

The scramble-format tournament will have shotgun starts at 8am and 1pm, although all the afternoon slots are already taken, said Mr. Bush. 

To get a chance to win the $1 million, golfers will have to have one of the 15 closest drives to the pin on a preselected par-3 hole. Those golfers will then have a chance after the tournament is over to hit another drive on the same hole and if it’s a hole-in-one, they’ll win $1 million. 

“We’re the only tournament [in Cayman] that offers the million dollar shoot-out,” Mr. Bush said.  

The prize isn’t limited to just one player; any and all of the 15 golfers who qualify to drive for the $1 million can win. 

“The insurance policy is for $15 million,” said Mr. Bush. 

CrimeStoppers director Chris Duggan said some golfers have come close in the past, but no one has won it yet. 

“We had a shot a couple of feet away last year,” he said. 

CrimeStoppers is an international organisation that works in conjunction with police departments to help solve crimes. It allows people to anonymously report information they might know about a crime to a toll-free telephone number, and collect rewards if the information leads to an arrest. Calls from Cayman, which are made to 800-TIPS (8477), either go to Miami or Texas, depending on the time of day. 

Mr. Duggan said CrimeStoppers plays an important role in Cayman. 

“In a community as small as Cayman’s, it’s vital for law-abiding citizens to be able to report crime,” he said, adding that awareness of the programme is key to its success. 

“It’s important to hammer home the fact that this vehicle is available and it’s totally anonymous.” 

Mr. Bush said Cayman CrimeStoppers has never had a breach of confidentiality and even when rewards for good tips are paid out, it’s not necessary for a person’s identity to be known. 

“If we’re told to leave the money in a certain coconut tree on Seven Mile Beach, that’s what we’ll do,” said Mr. Bush. “We don’t even go back to see if the money was collected.” 

Cayman CrimeStoppers generates all of its funds through donations and fundraising efforts like the golf tournament. Individuals can also become members of the organisation for an annual fee and business have several annual sponsorship levels to choose from. 

Mr. Bush said CrimeStoppers has few overhead costs. 

“Our administration fees are negligible because we’re administered by the Chamber of Commerce,” he said. “Our money is mostly spent on advertising and to pay rewards.” 

Cayman National has been the platinum sponsor since the beginning of the golf tournament, now in its fourth year. The Security Centre, which pays for the insurance policy for the Million Dollar Shoot-out, is once again the gold sponsor. 

Mr. Bush said there are still some sponsorship opportunities available, some of which offer golfing slots as part of the package. 

“It’s just that all the afternoon slots for golfing are taken,” he said.  

A buffet lunch is included for morning golfers, and a buffet dinner is included for the afternoon golfers.  

There will also be an awards ceremony after dinner. 

“It is expected that the commissioner [of police] and deputy commissioner will be there at the awards ceremony to show their support, as patrons, for the programme,” Mr. Bush said.  


Mr. Bush


Mr. Duggan