Robbery at McRuss Grocery Store

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service received a
report of a robbery having taken place at McRuss
Grocery Store on Party Lane in George Town on the evening
of 25th May. 

On their arrival, the cashier on duty reported that a
man had entered the store armed with a handgun and demanded
cash from the till. She  had  handed over the days takings and the offender had fled on

No one was physically injured and no shots discharged.

The suspect is described as a brown skinned male about
5 foot, 5 inches tall  wearing blue jeans green
camouflage jacket black gloves and a black ski  mask.

Police  are  appealing  for 
witnesses who saw this man acting 
suspiciously prior to entering  the  shop  or
when he fled after committing the robbery to please call George
Town CID on 949-4222


  1. Sooooo … we know its a brown skinned male … wore jeans … YEP … I know that guy … lets go pick him up !!!!!

    Good luck w/ that . May I suggest we dont allow any more SKI STORES to open that sell ski masks . I dont see the ski industry thriving anytime soon unless the nice people of Dubai can fill in STing Ray City and put a HUGE dome over the area for the mountain they build to cover w/ machine made snow .

    Hey … the jobs that would create would put that guy who stole to work and robberies would plummet … yes yes … Im on to something . OK … lets NOT close the SKI STORES … I see thousands of tourists arriving to SKI CAYMAN … yes Sir.

  2. There is no reason for anyone to own a ski mask in Cayman unless they’re up to no good. Maybe they should just be outlawed….People should have to prove that they actually using it for sking it they get caught with one

  3. Hey NJ2cay … your idea ( outlaw ski masks discriminates against the hard working robbers who put LOTS of time into thinking out these mastermind robberies !!!!

    Bigger question … I havent seen a SKIER wear a ski mask since I was a child in the 70’s . DO they just make them for robbers now ???

    Even bigger question … with the BEAUTIFUL weather in Cayman why not just wear a fun light hearted clown mask … perhaps a huge red rubber nose … less heat and it puts the fun back in being robbed .

    Im afraid of clowns though come to think of it … can we make it a law that clown masks can only be used in DAYTIME robberies ??? A clown robbery at night is just plain mean .

  4. I can solve this crime, in an instant.

    Lets look at the facts.

    The store is called Mc russ, this is close to Mcdonalds, which we don’t have on this island.

    SO OBVIOUSLY it was the hambergular that did the hold up. Becuase he’s really really tired of waiting for a Mcdonalds restaurant to show up on this island.

    God…do I have to do all the detective work around here.

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