Online poll: Cayman safest in Caribbean


Despite the spike in crime on Grand Cayman in recent years, more than 78 per cent of the respondents to last week’s online poll think the Cayman Islands are a little safer or much safer than other Caribbean islands. 

Almost half the 549 respondents – 274 people or 49.9 per cent – thought Cayman was much safer compared to the rest of the Caribbean. 

“Anyone who says different is just trying to stir the pot,” said one person. 

“I’ve lived in New York, Detroit, Chicago and LA,” said another respondent. “I’ve also lived in two neighbouring Caribbean Islands. Cayman is very safe. I especially feel safe on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.”  

“Just because it is safer now, we don’t want to get complacent,” said someone else. “We don’t want to turn into another Caribbean island! I don’t go to other Caribbean islands because of the crime!”  

Several people pointed out that even though Cayman was much safer than elsewhere in the Caribbean, crime was increasing here. “Of course, we’re comparing Cayman to the rest of the crime-infested Caribbean,” said one person. “The fact that we’re much safer than those islands shouldn’t be taken as a sign that things are ultra safe here, especially in light of recent years.” 

Another 155 people – 28.2 per cent – thought Cayman was a little safer than other Caribbean islands. 

“I used to feel much safer, but not anymore,” said one person. “I hardly go out these days, not because I can’t afford it or don’t want to, but because I don’t feel safe. Plus I feel I need to protect my home – I’ve already been burgled once.” 

“In the past safety was not a issue, but an expected norm,” said someone else. “That allowed people to go into the store and leave the car running without fear of someone jumping in, or to put your day’s shopping on the walkway until everything could be taken inside without having to look over your shoulder to see whether someone would take items before your return. House alarms were unnecessary, now people are rushing to get them installed.” 

“When I first started visiting the Island, I would have said much safer,” said another person.  

“I don’t feel so safe anymore and would not walk at night like I used to. I thought nothing about walking the street along Seven-Mile Beach, but I would not do that now.” 

Thirty-six people – 6.6 per cent – thought Cayman was a little less safe than other Caribbean islands, while 47 people – 8.6 per cent – thought it was a lot less safe than elsewhere in the Caribbean. 

“The rise in violent crimes has caused us to decide not to vacation in the Caymans for a while,” said one person. “I hope you can get control of the crime; we used 
to love going there.” 

Thirty-seven people – 6.7 per cent – responded “I don’t know” to the question. 

“I don’t compare my safety to other islands, but I can say I feel significantly less safe as compared to say 5-10 years ago in this same country,” said one person. 

“You are asking people to compare apples to oranges,” said someone else. “A more relevant question would have been, ‘How safe do you feel in Cayman Islands compared to the Cayman Islands of 10-30 years ago?’ Now we are comparing apples to apples.”  

“Define ‘other Caribbean Islands’,” commented another respondent. 


Next week’s poll question 

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Less traffic 

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