Bonaca Boyz are rolling

The Logic Bonaca Boyz are the standard in local indoor football.

Heading into this week the side is atop the latest standings for the Logic Five-A-Side Football League. Featuring many of the team Honduras players that have won three consecutive Cayman World Cup of football indoor events, it’s no surprise. Steadied by by the likes of Immer Carter, the Bonaca club have the most goals (50) and are tied for the fewest goals allowed (15).

Centre Spot are second in the competitive division with 22 points and 35 goals (second-most in the league) while allowing 18 goals. In third are Hurley’s with 16 points and 35 goals while allowing 15 goals.

The Cayman Free Press team, called the Buzz Crusaders, are holding their own in eighth place. The record does not look great but it has been a valiant effort from the orange warriors. With seven points the Buzz Crusaders can take comfort in beaing ahead of a pair of slow starters in the Security Centre (six points) and Chilled (one point).

Matches continue this week at the Logic arena of Kings Sports Centre. Monday features a trio of matches from 7pm to 9pm featuring the likes of Transformers, Hurleys and Doghouse. Tuesday sees the Buzz Crusaders in action against the Heineken All Stars at 8pm with a pair of social division matches also on 
the cards.