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Logic launches wireless broadband internet in the eastern districts

Logic has launched a fixed wireless home internet service in the eastern districts of Grand Cayman.

‘The Change Project’ focusses on cyberbullying

On 25 Oct. at a red-carpet premiere at Camana Bay Cinema, Logic and Vagabond Media Group launched their new documentary video titled ‘The Change...

Study: Cayman broadband among most expensive

Cayman has the third most expensive broadband internet in the Caribbean and the 12th most expensive in the world, with an average price of US$158 per month for services, according to a study released Tuesday from researchers at the U.K.-based Cable.co.uk.

OfReg pushing to increase regulatory fees

After facing a nearly $1.5 million operating deficit in 2017, the Utility Regulation and Competition Office, known as OfReg, is pushing for a number of fee increases across the sectors it regulates.

Faced with legal threats, C3 stops airing World Cup games

The telecommunications company C3 has stopped airing World Cup games after a brief legal dispute with Logic, the company that owns the exclusive rights to broadcast the tournament in Cayman.

Former Logic employee receives prison sentence for $57,000 theft

A former employee of cable and internet provider Logic was sentenced Friday to three years and nine months imprisonment for theft and making a false document.

‘Futile’ to enforce public access TV

Television regulators consider it “futile” to attempt to enforce a licensing requirement for cable companies to provide a “free-to-air” public channel.

Where Cayman ranks in internet speed, price

The Cayman Islands ranks 39th and 190th in average internet speed and price, respectively, according to studies published in late 2017 by the U.K.-based research firms BDRC Continental and Cable.co.uk.

Logic wins World Cup rights, sparking debate over limited access

The bulk of the coverage of the football World Cup – one of the most viewed sporting events in the world – will not be available to almost half of the Cayman Islands population after cable company Logic secured exclusive rights to the competition.

Winter Olympics coverage sparks broadcast row

Cable provider Logic is being forced to black out U.S. and Canadian channels providing coverage of the Winter Olympics after being served with a “cease and desist order” by Cayman Islands rights holder Hurley’s Media.

Business in brief: Appleby’s hosts charity day

Several local charities are able to offer continued services in animal care, child and family welfare and education in the Cayman community as a result of Appleby’s Cayman charity day event.

Business in brief: Logic partners with IMPACT17

Logic partners with IMPACT17; Monetary Authority launches online fee payment module; Conyers welcomes new corporate associate; Maples group sponsors CRS 101 event; Logic branch closes for renovations; and Seminar provides training for CIMA inspections;.

KeyTech and CellOne complete merger

The Bermuda-based parent company of Logic, KeyTech Ltd., and CellOne, a subsidiary of Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. have completed the merger of their business operations.

Phone and Internet outage worries telecoms regulator

Tuesday’s phone and Internet outage, caused by a lightning strike that affected an underwater cable connecting Cayman to the digital world, has regulators with the Information and Communications Technology Authority worried about the country’s telecom infrastructure.

Lightning knocks out Internet

A lightning strike along one of the submarine cables that connects Cayman’s Internet to the rest of the world knocked out Internet service for many on Grand Cayman Tuesday evening.

Internet companies blocking pirated content

At least two Internet companies in the Cayman Islands are now preventing customers from streaming movies, television and other content not licensed for broadcasting in the Cayman Islands.

‘Time of Departure’ proves Schofield is no fluke

Cayman resident, lawyer and novelist Douglas Schofield released his latest book, 'Time of Departure,' in Dec. 2015, and it has already garnered glowing reviews and award nominations.

Copyright laws: Changing the channel in Cayman

The ringing in of the New Year signaled an adieu to one of the minor quirks of popular culture in the Cayman Islands: Our local television station’s arrangement to air content from U.S. network CBS.

Television shows dropped as copyright law looms

Television station Cayman 27 has announced significant, immediate changes to its prime time programming in an effort to comply with new copyright and intellectual property laws expected this year.

Stoak’d: Fired up for any challenge

The trio of Marc and Pam Laurenson and Kevin Mounsor, otherwise known as "Stoak'd" are quickly emerging as exciting artists to be watched in the future.

Internet issues impacting economy

The Cayman Islands is losing millions of dollars in investment because of inadequate telecoms infrastructure, regulators have warned.

Efforts to help migrants thwarted by police

A group of Cayman Islands residents who chartered a vessel to try to bring food and water to migrants on a ramshackle boat say marine police prevented them from assisting the men.

Business in brief

KeyTech Ltd. and CellOne to combine operations; The Security Centre Ltd. celebrates new office opening; Cayman Finance’s student program a success; Harneys opens Bermuda office; Maples and Calder grants scholarships to six Caymanians; Caymanian seconded to Intertrust Hong Kong

Case files: A year in the life of the Labour Tribunal

The Labour Tribunal sided with disgruntled employees in the majority of unfair dismissal claims brought during a 12-month period reviewed by the Cayman Compass.

Digicel denied access to LIME network

The telecome authority rejected Digicel's bid to access LIME's physical network.

Hurley's Media buys Cayman 27 television station

Hurley's Entertainment announced this week that it has bought the Cayman 27 TV station, and regulators approved the deal Friday.

CUC files lawsuits against cable firms

A dispute over hanging cable lines on utility poles may head to the courts.

Little League all-stars announced

The Cayman Islands Little League Association has announced its 2015 all-stars

Internet speeds increase but lag behind competitors

A survey on Internet download speeds show home Internet connections are getting faster.

Survey: Cayman Internet fast but expensive

A new survey shows Cayman has some of the fastest and most expensive Internet access in the Caribbean.

Online poll: Much improved grades for Progressives

The People’s Progressive Movement-led government has made a dramatic improvement over the last eight months in the eyes of the populace, according to the results of a caymancompass.com online poll.

Cable companies welcome copyright

Cayman's cable television providers say they welcome the new copyright regime expected to begin this fall, saying it will make an even playing field to compete for subscribers.

Rain, traffic cause manhole collapse

A manhole collapsed Wednesday night, causing further delays and traffic problems on Godfrey Nixon Way.

Telecom investments hit new record

Investments in telecom and the number of Internet connections in Cayman hit a new record last year.

TV regulators seek new formula for local content

Television regulators are contemplating collecting fees from cable companies to create a universal service fund to help pay for the production of “public service broadcasting.”

East Enders meet on voting boundaries

A small group of East Enders at a public meeting last wek were unanimous in their opinion that the district electoral boundary should remain as it is.

Dress for Culture Day winners announced

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation has announced the winners of its annual Dress for Culture Day.

Burger King grills Kirk perfectly

In the B division of the Burger King Coed Flag Football league, one rivalry seems to stand out above all – Gary Rutty’s Burger King and Kirk Freeport led by Jerry Beck.

Pepsi too frothy for Insurance

In the flag football coed league’s feature game of the week Pepsi held off a surging Cayman First Insurance team to remain undefeated.

Flag This sting Cobras late on

The Burger King Co-ed Flag Football League had a grudge match from the outset between the Cobras and Flag This.

B'zzz recover from surfers' surge

The burgeoning Burger King Coed Flag Football League kicked off last Friday and the competitive energy of all teams was evident from the first whistle.

Whittaker crushes Surf rivals

The East End Surf Challenge had an inevitable winner in the jet ski races in former world champion Gary “GJ” Whittaker.

2014 Year in Review

A month-by-month review of the Cayman Islands' top new stories in 2014.

Authority seeks to preserve public service television in Cayman

Certain types of programming – deemed to be public service broadcasting – will be retained in any new formula for ensuring viewers have access to local content on television.

Regulator announces new safety guidelines for telecoms

The Information Communications Technology Authority has released new safety guidelines for telecommunications workers laying cables on electricity poles.

Regulator gets tough on dropped 911 calls

Regulators will compel Cayman Islands telecoms companies to upgrade their networks as a matter of “national security” following a series of connection failures that prevented emergency 911 calls from getting through.

‘Shades of Red’ helps to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS

Rotaract Blue Cayman Islands is gearing up for their seventh annual wine tasting event, “Shades of Red.” Wines on offer have been personally selected by the Governor, Her Excellency, Mrs. Helen Kilpatrick, who will also be in attendance.

Fiber networks expand across Cayman

Competition among cable and Internet providers is pushing into a new phase with the roll out of fiber networks.

High-speed cables: Lifelines for Cayman’s economy

While not as photogenic as a beachfront luxury resort or sparkling office tower, ongoing telecom projects are just as important, economically, as any singular concrete-and-asphalt project in the Cayman Islands.

Logic moves to clear up unlicensed broadcasts

The new owners of Weststar say its channel lineup is changing as they attempt to secure distribution agreements for existing and new programming.

Digital footprint for little ones:
Good or bad idea?

Would you consider creating an online footprint for your child? Millennial moms have begun to embrace this trend, creating social media accounts for their babies and toddlers, but there are pros and cons. Caymom Chronicles explores the idea...

HBO ends dispute with WestStar

The new owners of cable company WestStar have signed an agreement with television network HBO Latin America to screen its package of channels, bringing to an end a lengthy copyright dispute.

Cayman crews ready to assist storm-hit Bermuda

Work crews from the Cayman Islands are on standby to travel to Bermuda to aid the recovery effort following Hurricane Gonzalo which caused extensive damage and power loss over the weekend.

Prosecutor: Bush lied to hide credit card abuse

A series of "barefaced lies" told by McKeeva Bush to explain his "abuse" of the government credit show he knew his actions were wrong, prosecutor Duncan Penny, QC, alleged in his closing arguments on Friday.

Biker rides 50 states to mark 50th birthday

Biker Gilbert Nicoletta has completed his personal challange of riding his motorcycle across 50 U.S states before his 50th birthday.

Jobs lost at WestStar following takeover

At least 12 people, including some senior managers, have been made redundant as a result of the takeover of cable company WestStar by rival telecommunications firm Logic, the Cayman Compass has learned.

Logic buyout of WestStar signed

Cayman cable company WestStar has been bought out by rival Logic in a multi-million dollar deal.

Caledonian sells funds division

Caledonian Global Financial Services has completed the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary, Caledonian Global Fund Services Ltd., to Circle Partners.

Events mark anniversary of Hurricane Ivan

Publications and organizations across the Cayman Islands will mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Ivan in many ways next month.

ICTA approves WestStar transfer

The ICTA has given its consent for the transfer of WestStar.

UK regulator rates Cayman ‘high risk’

Wayne Panton, minister for Financial Services, said Thursday that government is 'astounded' that the U.K. would put Cayman on a list of high risk countries for financial crime.

Bringing consistency to Customs policy

Believe it or not, we empathize with the plight of Collector of Customs Samantha Bennett.

Logic to acquire WestStar

Bermuda-based KeyTech Group of Companies, which owns Logic in Cayman, has announced plans to purchase the parent company of WestStar.

Online Poll: Cable television most popular

Cable service is the most common method of television reception in the Cayman Islands, according to the results of a Cayman Compass online poll.

Online poll Tackling Cayman’s growing hospital bill

The $70 million in bad debts owed to the Health Services Authority needs to be clawed back by any means necessary, according to the majority of respondents to our latest poll.

Glow Run is radiating interest

The inaugural National Trust Glow Run looks set to establish itself as one of Cayman stellar sporting and entertainment attractions.

Championships teed up to coincide with Puerto Rico milestone

The Cayman Islands national junior and senior golf teams and the other nine member countries of the Caribbean Golf Association, will be in for great time when they attend the Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships in Puerto Rico this summer.

Glow 5k run is very bright idea

Of all the road runs being organized one in particular is guaranteed to leave participants glowing. The National Trust along with CUC will be hosting the first ever 5k Glow Run in Cayman on Saturday Jun. 21.

Government explores options on TV channel

The Cayman Islands government wants its television channel to be offered 'free.'

Race to the finish for TV competitors

Cayman’s four telecommunications companies are in the midst of an infrastructure race to build “fiber to home” networks that will enable them to offer high-definition television and high-speed internet to customers across Cayman.

Changes at the top at television center

The CEO of WestStar has left his post with the company in the midst of the television company’s expansion into high-speed Internet services.

Juniors perfect their swings for Puerto Rico

Junior golf in the Cayman Islands is targeting its next major event.

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