Logic launches wireless broadband internet in the eastern districts

Logic has launched a fixed wireless home internet service in the eastern districts of Grand Cayman.

Fixed wireless internet is a service designed for rural and underserved areas. It provides internet from a main access point to individual receivers installed at the customers’ homes.

Logic’s unlimited 4G LTE broadband service offers internet speeds of 10mbps to 30mbps. Anyone east of Frank Sound Road as well as customers within a 2-mile radius west of that road can be covered by the new service.

The coverage area of Logic’s new service is shown in yellow.

The lack of choice when it comes to high-speed internet in the eastern districts has been a contentious issue for years. Every company licensed by utility regulator OfReg has an obligation to provide high-speed internet across the territory.

But OfReg admitted in Public Accounts Committee hearings last year that it had not been forceful enough at compelling service providers to do so and that it lacked the legal resources to resolve the many disputes around infrastructure sharing by the providers.

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Logic said in a press release that it plans to expand its fixed wireless internet coverage over the coming year along with its fibre to the home footprint to cover 100% of Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands with a reliable broadband internet product.

The fixed wireless network will also be upgradeable to 5G in the future, which will deliver faster internet speeds, the company said.

“OfReg has done a good job pushing us to expand our broadband coverage and we are happy to say that we now cover approximately 90% of the population of Grand Cayman with broadband internet,” said Rob McNabb, CEO of Logic. “And we are pushing hard to cover the rest of Cayman as soon as we can.”

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