Where Cayman ranks in internet speed, price

Telecoms dispute findings of studies

The Cayman Islands ranks 39th and 190th in average internet speed and price, respectively, according to studies published in late 2017 by the U.K.-based research firms BDRC Continental and Cable.co.uk.

However, local telecommunications companies have told the Cayman Compass that their services are actually much faster and cheaper than the studies state.

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The studies, which were published last November, estimate the average speed of Cayman internet to be 13.15 megabits per second (Mbps) and the average cost to be US$175.27 per month.

Cayman’s speeds rank as the fastest in the Caribbean, but lag behind offshore competitors Singapore (55.13 Mbps), Hong Kong (27.16 Mbps), and Jersey (23.3 Mbps), the research firms concluded.

The territory fares much worse when it comes to cost, the firms stated. Saint-Martin offers the cheapest broadband in the Caribbean, with an average package price of US$20.76 per month, with the British Virgin Islands (US$146.05), Antigua and Barbuda (US$153.78), Cayman (US$175.27) and Haiti (US$224.19) at the most expensive end, both regionally and globally, stated firms BDRC Continental and Cable.co.uk.

“I don’t think the studies accurately reflect what we’re capable of,” disputed Flow Interim Managing Director Danny Tathum, who said his company offers speeds of 15 Mbps for $106 per month.

Likewise, Logic and C3 offer similar packages on their websites.

“I laughed at the study because I wish I was making US$170 per customer,” said Logic CEO Rob McNabb. “We’re selling 5-, 10-, 15-Mbps packages – all under $100.”

Here’s where Cayman stacks up compared to some of its regional and international counterparts, according to the studies:

(Source: https://www.cable.co.uk/about/media-centre/releases/new-worldwide-broadband-price-league-unveiled/)

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  1. This statistics showing Cayman’s speed at an average of 13 Mbps should raise a thought, the first is that the speed island or is that the speed to the first internet POP in the USA? Also my guess is the USA is significantly reduced in their speeds due to rural speeds being slower. Speeds in large cities like Miami or Chicago or Houston approach 1 Gbps.