Survey: Cayman Internet fast but expensive

A recent survey of Caribbean Internet providers show the Cayman Islands has some of the fastest connection speeds, but service is among the most expensive in the region.

The survey found Cayman has the second-highest download speed at 300 megabits per second and the highest price for the cheapest service. ICT Pulse, which tracks information and communication technology issues in the Caribbean, surveyed the main Internet service providers in 19 countries in the region on price and connection speed for fixed broadband, including LIME and Logic in Cayman.

The report notes that there could be significant changes coming since Cable and Wireless Communication, LIME’s parent company, recently bought out Columbus International and its Flow brand. The report states: “The full impact of that transaction on broadband Internet speed and pricing in the region has not yet been fully realized. In the coming months, we are likely to witness some major changes in the Internet space, as [Cable and Wireless Communication] rolls out its strategy for the region.”

The survey looked at the price for the lowest available Internet speed and the highest. It found that Cayman had the highest of the low-speed connections at 10 Mbps – most other countries offered 2 Mbps as the lowest speed. The price for the low-speed connection is highest in Cayman at US$96 a month while most other countries are in the US$20 to $40 range.

Cayman has the second highest connection rate in the region at 300 Mbps, according to the report, for about $300 a month. The highest connection speed in the Caribbean is 320 Mbps, which is offered in Barbados for US$100 a month.

The most expensive service in the region is in Belize where customers pay almost US$350 a month for 16 Mbps. “The offerings from the ISPs varied drastically in respect of transmission speeds,” the report states, citing speeds as low as 256 kilobits per second, akin to an old dial-up modem. The survey found the slowest connections in the region in Aruba, Belize and Guyana.

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  1. While I admit that things have improved in recent years as it related to internet service in the Cayman Islands the truth is that the cost of internet and related services make it difficult to do business from the Cayman Islands.

    Despite the fact that many of the providers have essentially merged their regional operations, when you compare the cost of similar services across the region you will find that the cost of these services are still more expensive in the Cayman Islands. This is despite the fact that many functions that were once performed in Cayman have been moved to other countries and despite the fact that many people have lost their jobs or are no longer working for the providers directly and/or as a full-time employees.

    As is usually the case in the Cayman Islands there is nobody looking out for the average consumer or worker or small business so all of this is to be expected.