Final act for popular plays

Week one is done for Blood Wedding and The House of Bernarda Alba and the actors are happy with their performances.

They’re buzzed. And in the world of stage plays, that means great success.

After the initial four Cayman Drama Society showings at the Prospect Playhouse on 26- 29 May, everyone was pleased. Opening night was sold out, while Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows were about half full. Plays in Cayman seem to warm up in week two, which for this double bill is the final week.

So don’t miss your chance to see the final performances of Blood Wedding and The House of Bernarda Alba at 7pm on 2-4 June, and 5pm on 5 June.

(Read a review in Friday’s Weekender.)

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The actors promise a final week full of passion and charisma.

“I feel overall that both plays did quite well although some days were better than others,” said Blood Wedding actress Tamarra Davis.

“The best moments in Blood Wedding, to name a few, are the love triangle dance, the interaction between Death and the Moon, and of course the woodcutter scene,” she said. “In Bernarda Alba, the best moments were when the cast stood on the chair to attack the young girl who had killed her baby – the facial expressions and slow motion action still play in my head and, of course, the eerie ending when the stage goes all quiet.”

One of the major roles in Blood Wedding is the Wife, played by Abbey Le Cornu.

“There was so much hard work put in by everyone – cast and crew. It was really rewarding to see the plays come to life in front on an audience,” she said. “Being backstage at certain parts and being able to see the audiences’ reactions was really great as well, as you can’t really focus on that when you’re on stage. I think we’re all really comfortable performing the plays as well, so it almost comes naturally now, which is really great to see as the cast become more relaxed with their characters.”

Adam Cockerill lends his talents to the role of Leonardo in Blood Wedding.

“So far the plays have been fantastic,” he said. “There have been no major hiccups and everyone has performed extremely professionally with total passion and devotion to putting on the best possible shows. For me, the best moments have been the fight scenes in Blood Wedding, and I really enjoyed the passionate performances from the cast of Bernada Alba.”

Julie Ann Hilton has been one of the stand-outs from Blood Wedding. Her role is difficult and taxing, but she has tackled each performance with vigour and enthusiasm.

“The plays have been fresh and lived out each evening. Each evening the audience has brought the fourth dimension to everything the director, the actors, the set, props, costumes, lighting and music have created,” she said. “The audiences have been warm and receptive and have clearly enjoyed themselves even if they cried (quite) a bit during these passionate Spanish tragedies.”

She said that her favourite moments is one of the final scenes with her and the Bride.

“The exchange between me and Hannah (Hannah Cook, the Bride) has grown into a duel of wits and emotions as her breakdown, the knife, the Mother’s despair and strength combine to produce a denouement that almost has the audience holding their breath,” she said.

One of the stars of The House of Bernarda Alba is Michelle Morgan, a fiesty actress with loads of personality playing Magdalena.

“The actors have reached their peaks in terms of becoming their characters – really understanding and exploring their relationships with each other. Some of the best moments in Bernarda Alba are those that expose the love the four younger sisters have for each other. We’ve really developed that feeling and it shows – even when we’re not using words to say it,” she said.

“We’ve had several audience members comment that they could feel the bond and some have actually asked if some of us really are sisters,” she added. “The cast has operated as a team from day one. The audience can feel the connection these characters have because it’s based on a real emotion. In real life, us sisters hug when we see each other, we hug when we leave, we do each other’s hair and help each other change in the breaks and we actually truly miss each other when we have a couple days break from rehearsals (although I can’t remember when that last happened).

For tickets, call 949-5054 or 525-5054 or go to For more information, visit the Cayman Drama Society website at

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