Update: Robbers shoot man in face

Police have reclassified an attempted armed robbery in which
a 28-year-man was shot in the face as an attempted murder case.

The victim, 28-year-old Kemar Golding, was shot while
helping a friend put garbage in a bin behind the Roast Hut jerk stand late on
Wednesday night. The two were approached by three masked men, one of whom was
armed with a handgun.

When the gunman asked the men for money and was told they
had none, one of the other suspects said “Let him have one” and the gunman
immediately shot Mr. Golding in the face, said Chief Superintendent Marlon
Bodden of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

He said Mr. Golding had jerked his head to the side right
before the shot was fired, a movement that most likely saved his life, as the
bullet missed his brain, entering by his left eye and exiting at the left side
of his head, Mr. Bodden said.

“If he had not reacted, then we would definitely have a
murder right now,” he said.

The shooting occurred around 11.30pm Wednesday at the food
stall in front of Prospect Playhouse on Shamrock Road in Red Bay.

Mr. Golding, a brewer at the Cayman Islands Brewery,
underwent surgery on Thursday morning and was expected to be airlifted overseas
for medical attention. He was reported as being in a “serious but stable
condition” Thursday.

The second man at the jerk stall was unhurt.

“At the moment, based on the aggravation of this particular
incident, we are now treating that investigation as an attempted murder,” said
Mr. Bodden, who described the attack as “unprovoked”.

Police said all three suspects wore masks, with one wearing
a hoodie-type jacket. Mr. Bodden said they were reported to be wearing some
kind of cloth, possibly t-shirts, over their faces. All three spoke with
Caymanian accents.

The three masked men ran off, empty handed, towards the
Lighthouse School, in the direction Red Bay Primary School, police said.
By late Thursday morning, police had not recovered a bullet or bullet casings
from the scene.

This is the fifth incident in recent weeks where a firearm
has been discharged during a crime.

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with
information about the shooting to contact a confidential police hotline on
949-7777 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS).

For more on this story, check Friday’s Caymanian Compass.




  1. All three spoke with Caymanian accent? I dont how this is suppose to help, but I guess it must be indicating to us that it is not Jamaicans, it is not Filipinoes, it is not Canadians, so…. IT MUST BE CAYMANIANS! I recalled the gruesome murder of Estella how many were saying that it was done by locals – come to find out that it was committed by expatriates. I could never have thought that a Caymanian could have committed a gruesome crime like that, but I guess anything is possible.

    Maybe CayCompass should have stated that all three spoke with a LOCAL accent. I think that would be better wording, because I know many other people do sound like Caymanian, and Caymanians do sound like Jamaicans or have some other accent.

  2. Easy, Bodden… You’re shooting the messenger.

    THE POLICE SAID… all three spoke with a Caymanian accent.

    You’re just so anti-expat that it must infuriate you that so many foreigners are here.

    I’m going to start calling you XenophoBodden 🙂

  3. All this Caymanian vs expatriate rhetoric and controversy is helping these gunmen to slowly but surely destroy the Cayman Islands.

    I’m really beginning to wonder, which is more important, the life of an innocent person or whether that person is a Caymanian or expatriate resident of Cayman.

    This is an evil, sinful approach to viewing and interpreting life and also means, that if this poor young man who had his face shot off is not Caymanian, then in the eyes of some, his life and safety has no value.

    This is the same mentality that some of these gunmen are now stalking the streets of Grand Cayman with, and I say some, because, until the RCIPS can actually catch some of these criminals in the act, we have no way of knowing who the guilty parties are, or their national origins.

    What the evidence does show, however, is that the last fe criminal cases involving murders and the use of guns involve Caymanian gang membership and gun usage; the charged suspects, whether they have been found guilty, acquittted or are still facing trial are all known Caymanians.

    If anyone continues to trick or fool themselves into thinking otherwise, they might very well end up being the victim of their own Caymanian’s gunshot to their face.

    As the entire world has moved away from discrimmination and segration as acceptable for sociey and made these actions and even words, illegal, it seems as if they are the ruling principles in Cayman and…

    It is this that is ruining the Cayman Islands.

    How decent people will want to continue living there if this continues is beyond me; I know for sure I certainly couldn’t anymore.

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