Robbers shoot man in face

Masked robbers shot a man in the face during an attempted
robbery of a jerk stand in Red Bay late on Wednesday night, 29 June.

About 11.30pm, the victim was helping a friend dispose of
garbage from the jerk stand next to Lighthouse School when he was confronted by
three masked men at the rear of the stand.

One of the men was armed with what appeared to be a handgun,
police said.

The suspects demanded cash and, when the man said he had no
money, the gunman shot the 28-year-old victim in the face.

The suspects ran off towards the Lighthouse School in the
direction of Red Bay Primary School.

Police said it appeared that nothing was stolen and the
offenders left empty handed.

The victim sustained serious injuries to his left eye and
was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital for treatment. He was in a serious but
stable condition Thursday morning.

Police said all three suspects wore masks, with one wearing
a hoodie-type jacket. All three spoke with Caymanian accents.

“These are dangerous individuals who need to be caught
before they injure or kill some other innocent person,” said Detective Sergeant
Joseph Wright.

“If you were in the area at the relevant time last night
[Wednesday] and have any information about what took place, or the identity of
the gunman and his accomplices, please call us now,” he added.

Information can be passed to George Town CID on 949-4222 or
the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. I must have drove by here 20 minutes before this happened last night. i almost wish they were running down the sidewalk, away from this scene when I was driving thru, so I could try and park my car on top of the three of them. Then, in a perfect world, put the 3 of them on trial in a couple of weeks, whip their mothers with a cow cod right in front of them then tie blocks on the three of them 10 miles offshore. Simple and effective.

  2. They start up again with a failed robbery! Now its time – ITS HIGH TIME for the Police to deploy armed unmarked officers at certain locations, at the gas stations, stores, et cetera, because these robbers got away with no cash and so they vex now. Police need to use this opportunity to capture them and prosecuted them for attempted murder.

  3. Really Bodden? you think it’s high time to put undercover officers in all those places? You realise what you are saying right? That would mean over 100 officers easily.

    Lets get real for a second. An easier way, would be just to arm all the darn police officers.

    It was only a matter of time, before it escalated. Watch…it will get worse. It has gone from ,robberies of stores with unarmed or knives, Then to stores with guns, then to banks with guns, to banks, stores with guns and wounding.
    It’s just a matter of time before it goes from armed robbery and wounding to armed robbery and killing to be the norm.

    Then watch…….

    Once it gets to that point. You either have to arm all your officers and start shooting these guys, or you are going to get a mini kingston.

  4. @big bird – I share your sentiments, but the problem is, we are still under the UK, and do you know what that means? That means they must still have and maintain their colonial powers over us. ALL TO SAY THAT THE UK WILL NOT ALLOW FOR ALL THE POLICE OFFICERS HERE ON THIS BEAUTIFUL ISLAND TO BE ARMED. They won’t do it. The Governor would rather we go Independence before they allow the Police to be armed, because that would mean you would have to make it alot more easier for civilians as well to be armed from corrupt cops. And what happens if the government has no more power to stop a protest like in the middle east? THE UK GOVERNMENT DOES NOT TRUST THE LOCALS HERE.

  5. I have been visiting Cayman for the past 10 years, and am dismayed to keep reading about the armed crimes being committed on at least a weekly basis.
    I wish I had solutions, bhut I don’t.
    It is my opinion however, that arming and training police is an inevitable part of the solution.
    It is also my opinion that unless people conquer their fears of retaliation and stand up and do what is right, this will only get worse. Criminals aqre bullies for the most part and I cannot believe friends, families, acquaintences, do not know what is going on. Please find the courage to speak up in your hearts.

  6. These are dangerous individuals who need to be caught before they injure or kill some other innocent person, said Detective Sergeant Joseph Wright. Well RCIPS if that the case what are you prepared to do now that the bad guys taken it up a notch, sure you not going to just send your unarmed office out to pursue and capture these highly armed outlaws that the running around ruining the island out your watch.
    Where’s the demonstrations and protest marches against crime ? No nothing to gain politically from that. Why aren’t these so called people concerned politicians doing anything to help protect the people from these outlaws, not one single march for peace or even a meeting to discuss better way to protect the community such a neighborhood watches. True community leader are interested in thing like this.
    And I’m sure their parents are probably running around blaming this all on Expats

  7. Yeah, Bodden! Because GUNS are the ANSWER! Let’s arm EVERYBODY!

    Except the expats, of course. They can be real target practice for the xenophobic narrowminded like yourself instead of the metaphoric target practice they are now.

    No wonder the UK gov’t doesn’t trust the locals (your words). Because Caymanians haven’t given them good reason to! Protesting measures that will bring work, trashing the twin pillars of the economy, etc…

  8. This is a really sad state of affairs and frightening too…for innocent people who don’t know whether or when they will be targeted next.

    This might be a most unpleasant reality for many in Cayman to face but…

    If the RCIPS do not mount armed operations to confront these gunmen, every resident of Cayman is at risk; Caymanians and expatriates alike.

    It might be a British Commissioner of Police who is baulking from having his armed police units take drastic action but it is not the British Government that is ordering him not to.

    This is a purely Cayman issue and make no mistake…

    The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has adequate firearmed-qualified officers and weapons to take that route if they so choose or the populations demands.

    How many more shootings during robberies will we now have to read about ?

    Does no one in power in Cayman care about the lives and safety of the residents of the Cayman Islands ?

    There’s no doubt about it, some citizens will now begin to illegally arm themselves for their own protection.

    So much for the police gun amnesty !