Robbery at Royal Palms


Police are investigating an armed robbery which occurred at Royal Palms on West
Bay Road in the early hours of this morning.

About 1.25 am today ( Friday 1 July) police received a report that a member of
staff had been robbed of the night’s takings at Royal Palms.

A 36-year-old male bar tender at the location was in the process of cashing up
when he was jumped. by two masked men. One of the suspects waved a machete at
him, but did not strike him. The other suspect struck the bar tender on the
back of the head with an unknown weapon.

The suspects then made off with a sum of cash.

The suspects are described as being 5’ 10” and 5’ 5” respectively. They were
both wearing white t -shirts and dark coloured short pants. They both had their
faces covered.

Anyone with information should call George Town CID on 949-4222 or the
confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Wednesday night’s shooting in Red Bay marked a significant move from simple robberies to robeeries with intent to kill/ murder. No one should be pointing fingers but start with themselves. No one party or group can tackle this problem; it has to be a unified effort which in my mind starts in the home.
    Please unite to clamp down onthis problem; if you wait too long to change the laws and make serious efforts, you may be fighting a loosing battle.

  2. How on such a small island can the Police now know who these scumbags are?

    No doubt they are scared to come forward as they live in the same neighborhoods and know the families. Bring in some real police before it’s too late!!

  3. Forget the UK Cops, they need to bring in some officers from the US there are used to bring armed and are not afraid to seek out and confront these guys. Maybe recruit a few from Miami or even Jamaica I’m they will put a stop to it…

  4. Let’s recruit some (about to retire anyway) police from the L.A.P.D. You know, officers that have no problem clubbing suspects like how Canadians club seals and shooting suspects like it’s a shooting range. Enough is Enough!!

  5. I agree with NJ2Cay, we are spending so much money on British Officers coming here and having a vacation. I bet if we brought in an eradication squad from Jamaican, Honduras, or some third world country, they would get the job done and it won’t cost us and arm and a leg!

  6. Eradicate this pest before it will be too late …for your tourism business ! The Caymans risk to loose the good reputation and a lot of divers who would like to come back year by year – but not under such rapidly worsing conditions.

  7. Perhaps the question should be addressed as to who (Governor? Premier?) is actually responsible for Law and Order and the Police Force; who sets their priorities, who vets their performance; and whether the DPP and the Courts are carrying out what the people want in regard to crime and criminals?

  8. My husband and I got married in Cayman and so your beautiful island will always hold a special place in our hearts and we try to visit every year.

    But all this crime we have seen over the past few years is just bad news for us.

    More shocking is all the crime taking place so close to the tourist area – we love going to Royal Palm when we are there as its so relaxing – beer, beach live music.

    Tell you what, we are booked to come back to visit in November 2011 with our in-laws for a family trip and if this sort of crime keeps getting worse in tourist areas, we may just have to love you from afar but not visit anymore.

    Hope you guys sort this crime wave asap. Its a stunningly beautiful island, so its a shame to see whats happening.

    Good luck Cayman.

  9. There are numerous highly paid UK and Canadian officers on the island, the issue is they have no one with any sense in control at the top. They sit around waiting for instructions that never come. Look at the top level, that’s where things need to be sorted!!

  10. Yes indeed , we are also going elsewhere in Nov/Dec for our winter holiday due to the violent crime wave that is sweeping Grand Cayman.
    We urge the Tourist Authority, local business and the like to put pressure on the Island Police to get this problem under control.

  11. Old Hand

    By your online moniker and posts, I know that you’re a veteran of Cayman and Cayman’s culture and ways, and also history.

    Don’t you find it puzzling and even a bit scary, that both these political parties, UDP and PPM, can organise marches and rallies that can galvanise at least 1,000 people or more in total to protest and fight against each other but…

    Not one peep out of anyone, Governor, Commissioner of Police, Premiere, Leader of the Opposition, church pastors and priests, no one…

    On the wave of violent crime that is now taking over Grand Cayman ?

    Crime that is now already scaring away beloved and regular visitors, local Caymanians like myself who now refuse to live in our own country…I see other Caymanians right here in my hometown in England who now live here as well…

    Is there not something drastically wrong with this picture ?

    The police offering gun amnesties while criminal gunmen are shooting innocent, loved people in the face just for the fun of it ?

    And a large, malevolent, silent segment of the population who are hiding and protecting these murderers…and their weapons.

    Even in England, the Coalition Government has just made it quite clear just yesterday that any British citizen can take whatever means necessary to defend their lives and property within the legal limits of the use of necessary force…

    We here in Britain don’t hesitate to use that force in our own self-defense when necessary, armed and unarmed…if there is one thing that defines living in today’s Britain, it is that.

    But you have this useless David Baines as your Commissioner of Police who could never run any borough’s police force in England the way he is running Cayman, and hold his job here…

    Is there not something very dark and suspicious about all this to you ?

    Just thought I’d ask a much wiser head than mine for their opinion.


    The Firery.

  12. To NYBRUM:
    I understand your concern, but check the time this occurred @ 1:25 am. Royal Palms closes a little after midnight on Friday nights, 12:30 am I believe. no music, bar is closed, etc. etc. The robbers were concerned with taking the cash from the registers as the bartender was cashing out.
    I go to Royal Palms every single weekend either Friday or saturday night. I am an expat from the US, live her over 9 years, married to a Jamaican man. We go every single weekend. there is crime in every single nation in the world. I doubt that you and your inlaws will be out past midnight in the areas where the crime has been taking place. Dont ruin your vacation in the wonderful Cayman islands. Just be safe,a s you would in New York City, Miami, LA, Chicago, and even the smaller cities and towns in the US.
    Take care.

  13. Ummm… dollydog and NYBRUM, I know you are the same person. But we got the message. You don’t need to dramatized the situation about not coming here…

    However, seeing that you are probably from the UK, I would implore you to speak to your government and make them accountable as to where the money is going when they send stupid officers overseas to investigate Cayman and other overseas territories to clean house. Everytime they come here, it is big pay and long vacation! Please let your government know that before they send UK officers here on vacation, they need to clean their own Parliament and better the UK economy. Remember the 2009 expense scandal in the UK… well OK… Regards, and I hope to see you in the crime-free UK soon. 😉

  14. This is just another example of how bad this violent crime situation is getting on Cayman. The solutions are complex but main points like more police and much tougher enforcement are only part of the solution. Crime is always a result in a society that is strugling economically. When people have jobs, are educated, and prosper in their lives crime is kept to a minimum. These people begin their criminal lives due to ignorance, lack of education and desperation for money.It’s easy to say get the Government to pay for it all but with the large decrease in population and therefore revenue that’s easier said than done. All those that oppose prosperity and job creation on this island with projects that the Premier and Dart are trying to implement can take a good part of the blame for how this growing crime wave. Sure, some of these projects may not be ideal but if prosperity does not return and crime decreases soon, visitors and residents will begin to avoid this island on a greater scale than what is already happening making the situation worse still!

  15. Having been a visitor to your island for over 30 years I have seen it change from a quiet, tranquil, divers paradise. We no longer feel safe on your beaches or walking your streets. It is so sad to see the wonderful people of Cayman being terrorized by hoodlums and drug dealers. We have seen the same thing happen in the US but never imagined that it would happen to your beautiful little island. We pray for you every day.

  16. This is for R.B.B.

    This is NYBRUM – your comment below stating that you know that dollydog myself are the same person is incorrect.

    I have no idea who dollydog is but I clearly know who I am.

    Yes, I am from the UK and live here. No idea about dollydog though.

    Am awfully sorry to disappoint you:)

  17. I read the various posts on this forum and note with interest the number of people who agree with suggestion of bringing in death squads to combat crime. A team from Jamaica or Honduras really!.. Please feel free to immigrate to these two wonderful countries, surely they would have cleaned their streets free of crime before being so highly recommended.. These same folks who so eagerly advocate bringing in the kill team come from countries which laws let criminals walk because the police failed to tell them of their right to remain silent; But Cayman should club suspects like they club seal pups. Bitter fruit hanging in southern trees right..

  18. In Cayman, your wonderfully effective police have yet to prove that they can actually apprehend these suspects before they can abuse their human rights by clubbing them…

    In that respect, maybe those in sympathy with those who are now robbing and shooting innocent people might like to offer up themselves as victims…

    Then these robbers won’t have to work so hard at finding innocent victims to rob and shoot, no one’s human rights will be abused…

    And the innocent, helpless people might be left alone.

  19. Yes indeed – NYBRUM and myself are not connected at all- what an odd statement to make. I live in the UK, but have visited Cayman regularly (x2 year) for over 15 years.
    Rather disappointed to see that we in the UK are now being blamed for Cayman’s wave of violent crime…??
    I am not dramatising the situation in Cayman – just commenting on how things have changed so badly, and giving a ‘regular visitors’ opinion.