Thieves target cars

Ten cars were broken into Wednesday night outside the Agape Church on Fairbanks Road while the John Gray High School graduation ceremony was taking place.

“It’s clear that the fact that so many vehicles were parked at the one location proved far too tempting to the thieves,” said Chief Inspector Frank Owens.

“Despite our many previous warnings, car owners are still leaving valuables and property in view within their vehicles. If you leave items such as laptops, bags or stereos in sight you make your car a target.

“We are now in graduation season and I would urge motorists to be extra vigilant when they park their cars at the events. Lock your valuables away and if you see anyone acting suspiciously contact the police.”

The thefts took place between 8-10pm. Anyone who was in the area and saw anything suspicious is asked to contact Inspector Rudolph Gordon at George Town police station on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. Why does a large Organization with thousands of members provide Security for attending members. Furthermore there should have been the security Guards for John Gray High School working as Security at such an event.
    Its a school event. So where was Security?

    This left brain way of thinking is destroying the fabric of this little Islands. People in high positions do not give a damn about the safety of our people.They want their face in the paper and step on everyone to get to the top even though they did not earn it.
    Sad Case.

  2. There were security staff on duty – however, with only several guards dotted around, and so many cars (many not on the actual site of the ceremony) they were vulnerable. It takes just a few seconds to smash a window and grab something from a car. Even breaking a lock isn’t exactly time consuming. The problem is not a lack of security, the problem is too many scrotes who are stealing in the first place. Shame we can’t use Bop and Raid on these scumbags!

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