Sticks on the rise after JA fun

The Cayman hockey scene is flourishing and that was evident with the games against the visiting Jamaican women’s team. The male players joined in too for some mixed games too.  

Overall it was a successful trip for the Jamaicans and helped establish links between the visitors and the recently formed Cayman women’s national side. 

With three wins, one loss and a draw, the Cayman Hockey Club had plenty to be happy about against Jamaica’s St. Andrew and Munroe College team. The sides played two all-women’s games and three mixed – requiring a minimum of five ladies on the pitch. Cayman had the advantage with a surplus of players. For the mixed games, an entire new team came on for every match quarter.  

Men’s captain Jamie Ware said: “Cayman was delighted with the success and to be the recipient of the inaugural Jamaican hockey tour at the end of May.  

“The weekend strengthened our relationships both on and off the field as well as exposed our friends to the fun-filled weekends of Cayman, including a Stingray City, a catamaran tour aboard the Allura.  

“The men have a national side that has toured Jamaica for the past two seasons. This November will be the third in succession. The Jamaicans were however unable to field a full men’s team on the Cayman leg.  

“I have been assured there will be several men’s teams awaiting our arrival in November. We have also been contacted by the Tampa Bay Hockey Federation and will aim to combine tours in the future to further the reach of Cayman hockey. 

“There have also been whispers of a tour to Cuba. The highlights would have to be friendship as well as several dance-offs provided by the Cayman hockey social director Sarah Pinches, who was arguably out-stepped by Argentinian Gisela Gamba. 

“Facebook, email and phone numbers were exchanged to keep in touch and the photos are fantastic. The Cayman Hockey Club ran an after school hockey clinic earlier this year at Cayman Prep and invite all schools interested to reach out and get in touch. 

Bryony Platt said on behalf of the women players: “We are looking into the possibility to joining the Jamaican women’s league in order to play more competitively. This would involve going to Jamaica and playing all of our games over a weekend.  

“We also plan to take a women’s team to Jamaica for the hockey event in November and we’re looking into entering different hockey tournaments abroad and inviting other teams to Cayman. We will continue to train on Wednesday evenings at Cayman Prep and welcome any new players. In the future, the hockey club would love to get more younger players involved in hockey, through schools and coaching sessions.” 

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All the games were played in a great spirit. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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