Tough time at final Pan Am trials

Cayman’s boxing team is in Panama City with four fighters this week striving to get to the Pan American Games. They are at the Pan Am trials, the third and final one before the Games in Mexico, in October.

But by Wednesday three had lost; light-welterweight Kendall Ebanks was outpointed by the Canadian champ, welter Jason Parchment was stopped in the first by a Peruvian and middleweight Tracey Seymour was stopped in the first round as well by a girl from Argentina. So it was left to lightweight Jessica McFarlane-Richards to see if she could qualify. They are accompanied by head coach Donie Anglin,

Timothy Ebanks and Terence Spencer.

Light-heavyweight Dariel Ebanks came close to qualifying at the last Pan Am trials in Ecuador in April but he did not feel ready enough this time round. All four had learned from their experiences at the last Pan Am trials in Ecuador in April.

Before they left coach Anglin said: “Kendall and Jason got some good sparring with Tsetsi Davis, the Jamaican pro who was here for a few weeks. Jason (his son) has improved his ring generalship. He was too laid back before and is more alert now.

“Jessica has worked much harder and knows she needs to be more active. Tracey is in good shape after sparring with the pro Nicole Woods who came here from Atlanta.”

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