Primary school teachers on tour

A host of teachers from Red Bay Primary School are in Honduras enjoying, rejuvenating, revitalising and embracing new programs and its people before the beginning of the new school year.

“Retreats not only help to improve teaching techniques, but they build staff morale, cohesiveness and create a positive school climate as well,” said school Principal Vickie Frederick. “This school year, the leadership team of Red Bay Primary drafted their school improvement plan putting a great emphasis on continuous staff professional development.”

She added, “The new initiatives also had teachers involved in a ‘Three Series Retreat’ for faculty and staff. In September 2010, the first retreat took place at the Red Bay school. In February 2011, the second retreat took place at Tiki Beach and the third in Honduras.”

Rayle Roberts and Associates conducted the first two mini retreats leading the staff though a series of intense and sequential training sessions in team-building. The sessions included activities that demonstrated directing and leading a team members blind folded, muted, deafened and handicapped through the campus to complete an assigned task.

This activity demonstrated the importance of teamwork skills and working together. Other activities included: discussions and goal setting and human behaviour in organizations; meaningful and relevant approaches to the new literacy initiative and problem solving concluded 
Principal Frederick.

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