Families choose to celebrate Neil Godfrey Park improvements


Scores of people turned out for a Saturday afternoon celebration of improvements to Neil Godfrey Park, made possible by Dart Cayman Islands and community groups. 

Activities at the park included music, refreshments, a dunk booth, T-shirt making, face painting and an appearance by Wannabe A. Clown, who made balloon animals for the children. 

Nearby resident Sharon Bowen attended the “Family Fun Day” along with her friend and her two children. 

“Anything to do with a picnic, they like it,” Ms Bowen said, while creating T-shirt designs with coloured markers for her friends. 

The event at Neil Godfrey Park was the final of three celebrations capping off improvements to three George Town district parks, which also included Central Scranton Park and Windsor Park. The parks projects are part of the Growing Communities initiative, a partnership between public and private entities to improve Cayman’s parks. 

“The kids love it,” Ms Bowen said, gesturing to the park and the activities. 

At Neil Godfrey Park, Dart built a perimeter fence, constructed a new cabana, donated and installed a wooden play structure with swings and a slide, painted the basketball courts, added shrubs and provided 10 trees, which Rotary Club Sunrise planted earlier this year, Dart Enterprises communications manager Lynn Smith-Moore said. 

“In addition to the above, the Camana Bay Nursery Team has committed to maintaining the park with landscape services being provided twice a month,” she said. 

George Town MLA Ellio Solomon sparked the idea for the improvement projects in his districts’ parks, by first approaching Dart in 2009. The projects proceeded over time since then. 

Previously, the Growing Communities Initiative brought about the creation of a new park in each of Grand Cayman’s five districts. Opening in April 2005, the Dart Family Park on South Church Street is the only one to bear the Dart name. The fifth new park, Harry McCoy Park in Bodden Town, opened in January 2008. Dart also previously made repairs to three existing parks, including Captain George Dixon Park in East End, Jerald Smith Park in North Side and Scholars Park in West Bay. 


Wannabe A. Clown makes balloon creations for children Saturday at the Neil Godfrey Park. – Photo: Patrick Brendel


  1. Why does Dart have to pay for everything? Why can’t the local businesses all chip in and sponsor these events.
    Remember the borrower is slave to the lender.
    Dart has to be compensated for his generosity. That’s how it works.

  2. Funny how it takes a so called Paper Caymanian as a lot of folks call him to show what it means to care for a Country and it’s people.. Correct me if I’m wrong but Dart seems to give back…were are all the big bucks families that are Cayman bread when it comes to investing into the Community..

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