Greenlight bowled them over

Bowling is another recent sport introduced to the Cayman Islands that is knocking everyone over for fun. It’s played at the King’s Sports Centre and even has a league.

The Doghouse-Caybrew bowling league recently came to a close with the crowning of a new champion, Team Greenlight Re. The Greenlight Re team notched the highest cumulative team score over the seven-week season to receive championship honours.

Captain Tim Courtis was delighted with his team’s performance.

He said: “Thanks to everyone who participated in this past corporate bowling season.

I’m very proud that Greenlight took top spot and clearly showed the nation what a bowling super-power we really are.

“Congratulations to Mandy our most improved player; she raised her average 30 points through the season.

Honourable mention to John Marotta and Jim Ehman who also showed impressive improvement too.”

Tim is used to his sporty sons Matthew and Christopher winning most things they go for and cheering on wife Caroline who is a triathlete so it makes a pleasant change for them to be applauding him.

TV cameraman Jeremy Davies has been seen making strikes and plenty of other people who love the fun and social atmosphere of the bowling.

The league prides itself on catering to all levels of bowlers, rewarding both the highest and lowest male and female scorers weekly.

Colleen Stoetzel-Singh, captain of the Bi-Polar Rollers Bowling Club spoke of the league’s developmental side.

“We were definitely the most improved team of the season and proof that anyone can improve their bowling game.

“We kept a fun attitude about our skill levels and just kept working on the basics of how to throw a round ball in a straight line! Guess what – it worked and now we have our sights on Team Greenlight Re.”

The Doghouse-Caybrew Bowling League started early in 2011 as a way of showcasing the social side to King’s Sports Centre and the King Pin Bowling Lanes. The league is open to social and competitive players, with teams of six bowlers of which two must be female.

During the league’s intermission, the organisers have put together their ‘Expo’ night series with the first night scheduled for this Monday.

Teams are limited to six players, and include two games of bowling, shoe rental, food and $2 Caybrew Beer while bowling.

To register your team of the Bowling Expo night, email league director Ray Singh at [email protected] The next league is scheduled to start on 29 August and teams can register at

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