Ezzard calls for inquiry into Premier

North Side legislator Ezzard Miller is calling on Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor to launch a commission of inquiry into allegations of corruption surrounding Premier McKeeva Bush.

The Caymanian Compass first reported in June that opposition political party members claimed Premier Bush was the subject of a police investigation involving allegations of “financial irregularities”. Mr. Bush has previously denied allegations of any wrong-doing. 

Mr. Miller said he had concerns about a copy of a letter in his possession, allegedly sent by Mr. Bush to Atlanta, Georgia-based developer Stanley Thomas in October 2004. Mr. Miller said the letter asked for $350,000 to be sent as a balance of payment to a Windsor Development company bank account.

The Windsor Development company is a real estate firm in which – at the time the 2004 letter was sent – Mr. Bush’s wife, Kerry, was the sole shareholder, according to documentation from the Companies Registry.  Mr. Miller said Friday that Mr. Bush’s register of interest form filed with the Legislative Assembly office indicated he was a signatory for the company’s bank account at the time the letter was allegedly sent to Mr. Thomas.

When asked Friday about the October 2004 letter to Mr. Thomas, Mr. Bush said he would make a statement regarding the letter in due course.

“They had better wait to see if indeed I wrote the letter and what happened,” Mr. Bush said. 

Mr. Miller announced his call for the inquiry in a press conference Friday. He held the press conference with Leader of the Opposition Alden McLaughlin who said the People’s Progressive Movement party supported Mr. Miller’s call for an inquiry.

“I have not found anything in my investigation and supporting documentation that seems to be legitimate justification for the demand for payment in the letter from Mr. Bush, so on that basis, we’ve asked the governor to call a commission of inquiry,” Mr. Miller said. “Up to this point in time, I have not been and I believe the opposition has not been officially informed that there is an investigation.”

Premier Bush responded to the call for a commission of inquiry by calling it a “red herring” created by Mr. Miller and the PPM to draw attention away from ongoing projects including the Shetty hospital and port developments.

“I am not worried about any commission of inquiry. I have not done anything illegal in any shape or form,” said Premier Bush.

Please see much more on this story in Monday’s Caymanian Compass… 


  1. Here it goes again. Bozzo Miller(PPM puppet)and the PPM(Poor People Mistake)trying to dis-railed the 200 millions Schools Inquiry on the former Minister of education Alden McLaughlin. For the waste of public funds during there tenure. Please governor go ahead with an investigation on the schools to see if we can get some of the money that PPM wasted.

  2. Cosanostra:
    I agree with your support for an Enquiry – because the whole financial disaster of our economy requires it, not necessarily only the shenanigans of one group or another.

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