Man robbed outside Archie’s


A 63-year-old man was robbed near a
George Town bar Saturday night, Royal Cayman Islands Police reported.  

About 8.50pm Saturday, the man was
sitting in his car, which was parked in an unlit area, near Archie’s Bar in
George Town. He had been in the bar earlier in the evening playing dominoes,
police said. 

As the man counted out some money
in the car, he was approached by two people dressed in dark clothing. Both appeared
to have their faces covered. 

Police said one of the suspects
demanded cash before striking the man’s head with an unknown object. The
suspects then grabbed the cash – around $225 – and ran from the scene, police

The man suffered minor injuries in
the incident and did not require medical attention. 

One of the suspects is described as
being around 5’7″ in height and of stocky build. 

RCIPS K-9, armed officers, patrol
and air operations units were quickly on the scene, but no arrests were
immediately reported. 

Anyone who was in the area and
witnessed the robbery or the suspects running away is asked to contact George
Town Criminal Investigation Department at 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477



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  1. These type of headlines are starting to become so common that soon people are not even going to bother to pay attention to the article anymore! Always the same story, same result, someone ends up getting hurt and the criminal gets away!!!
    What is it going to take for serious action to take place from authority figures??? Someone needs to be murdered in broad daylight before they decide to to something that gets results?
    The community is getting very very fed up with this lack of results! the law is out there to protect the criminal, and at what cost to the island???
    I’m fed up of hearing the police saying they need the help of the community to solve these crimes! Police it is your job! DO IT!
    Last night driving throught a police road block, and what are they checking? The vehicles licence! Great policing!

  2. I mean no offense whatsoever to the unfortunate gentleman who got robbed, but I think there’s a lesson here that can be learned.

    If you know you have a quantity of cash on you, regardless of the amount, be proactive and don’t count your money out in the open, it can wait until you get home, in the open, this is a robbery just waiting to happen.

    This was a perfect example of a robbers waiting in the shadows for an opportunity to come by, and this opportunity basically walked right up to him for the takings.

    This is an unfortunate incident that happened, but this incident could have been prevented. Thankfully the gentleman was not severely hurt in this incident.

    So in a nutshell, everyone please be proactive for your own personal safety. Don’t make any opportunity become available for thieves.

  3. It appears to me that we are trying to create a police state here in Cayman, via the ever popular PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION method.

    1- you allow the crimes to happen and report constantly via the media, for the purpose of creating fear, 2- wait for public reaction or outcry that something must be done (see post by stopcrimenow and then 3, the same people creating or allowing the crimes to happen -offer a solution that puts us deeper into a police state. (solutions that would not be justified without these crimes, wich are sometimes over exagerated, )

    1. CCTV -check
    2. Gun amnesty -check (dis-arm the honest citizen)
    3. cerfews
    4. armed cops
    5. etc….

    and i’m just gona throw this one out:

    how many unsolved crimes do we have here in cayman, that are not getting solved due to the fact that some of these criminals have familly or friends in the police force (or border patrol/customs) ?

    this has been a subject of conversation in the past, (with locals)


  4. Although it may be correct that this man partially brought this on himself knowing the sad state of affairs that Cayman is in when it comes to robberies lately. It doesn’t for a moment excuse the actions of these crooks. It does however give something the RCIPS may want to learn from, why not just put a few undercover cops posing as potential victims in these areas on Friday nights and catch these guys in the act. They could pose a drunken tourist with expensive jewelry walking to his car are a even a local who just cashed his pay check walking down the road counting his money..

  5. Consider, the victim of this robbery sits in his car in an unlit area counting his winnings from playing dominoes; perhaps not thinking he could be robbed then and there.

    This might be considered a petty crime in comparison to how crime goes these days in Cayman. Maybe the thugs could either be spectators or losing competitors at the dominoes game.

    Today, everyone must not only be crime conscious but also security conscious and use common sense to make ourselves less vulnerable. Take nothing for granted these days. Don’t give criminals the opportunity to commit crimes against you. Thank God the victim was not seriously hurt in this case.

  6. CaymanExpat, you’re probably right. I could also see the courts releasing him saying that he would have never committed a crime if the Police didn’t set the stage. They may even say this mugging was not the crooks fault because this guy shouldn’t have been counting money in public.

    I guess its the same as if you swim in deep water and get eaten by a shark, don’t blame the shark because they are natural born predators and you’re in their environment.

  7. A horrible crime.

    In the words of the immortal Kenny Rodgers, Never count your money/while sitting at the table/there’ll be time enough to count ’em/when the dealin’e done… And of course, no when to walk away and when to run…