Hanging up on old telephones

Rather than just leaving an old mobile phone in the bottom drawer indefinitely, a new programme is encouraging recycling with charity in mind.

The Digicel Recycle Bin project features collection points for phones at all Foster’s Food Fair locations in Grand Cayman, as well as at Digicel stores, Digicel’s corporate office, and the Chamber of Commerce.

People are encouraged to deposit their old phones in the bins, which will be emptied regularly, with the phones collected being shipped to Wireless Trade Group in Canada for proper recycling.

However, the advantages of the programme extends beyond just the recycling aspect, as Digicel will be reimbursed for every phone recovered and all proceeds from the recycling of the phones will be donated to the Department of Children and Family Services’ Bonaventure Boys’ Home.

According to Harcourt Wason, programme manager of the CAYS Foundation, the programme will provide a helpful boost to the work being done at the home.

“This venture increases awareness about the benefits of recycling to our community. Recycled phones are often reconditioned and used, or broken down for the metals and minerals in their components. The revenues from this project will be used to further develop the computer room at Bonaventure Boys’ Home,” he said.

Victor Corcoran, CEO of Digicel, said the company was pleased to provide the means through which cellular phones can be properly disposed.

“We would like to make our contribution to preserving a safe environment for our generation and others to come. We are also happy to raise some funds for the Bonaventure Boys’ Home,” he said.

Ulises Gomez, operations manager for Foster’s IGA, said the company was happy to partner with Digicel on the project.

“Any programme that benefits the youth of society is beneficial to us all. We are always happy to get involved in programs that serve the community, help our young people and impacts positively on the environment,” he said

The project will recycle all mobile phones, not only Digicel phones. The telephones can be complete with battery, or just the handset and do not have to be in working order.

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