Cayman Music School celebrates

The Cayman Music School held its annual end-of-year summer concert at the Grand Pavilion last month in front of a crowd of 270 people.

The concert was an opportunity for parents and students to come together to see the progress made by students, who continue to perform well in their overseas exams.

Audience members enjoyed classical, jazz, pop, rock,country and all different styles of music delivered by singers, pianists, violinists, flutists, saxophonists, drummers, guitarists, duets and bands. Performances were also viewed streaming online on the school’s website:

Results from the London Trinity College international music exams came back with most students from the Cayman Music School receiving merits or distinctions in the respective musical instruments and studies. A full scholarship was awarded to Zariah Anglin for the Magic Voice singing programme.

Max Kazakov, 14, won a scholarship to Idylwild Arts Academy in California for his talent in drum performance.

Cayman Music School students also performed at the Children’s Festival of Arts, where they won a number of top awards, including 12 
gold medals.

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