Dart recognises two recent graduates in its HR team

Dart has recognised to members of its HR staff, as the group continues its commitment to the development of its employees.  

The Dart Group congratulated two of its managers, Cindy Downing and Marion Wilson-Lindsay, for earning their masters’ degrees in Human Resources from Portsmouth University in the UK. 

According to Mrs. Wilson-Lindsay, HR business partner for Dart Enterprises Ltd, it took dedication and hard work to finish the course, especially as she continued to work full time.  

“This was an intense HR Management Programme that kept us working hard. Although both Cindy and I found it challenging, it was ultimately extremely rewarding as well. For instance, we gained access to a network of local and overseas HR professionals, which has been invaluable in our professional lives, particularly for bouncing ideas around and seeking advice on key issues.”  

Mrs. Downing, previously HR manager of Cayman Distributors Group, is in the process of moving into an expanded HR role for Active Capital Ltd, parent company to CDG and Island Companies Ltd.  

“It was definitely stimulating to get back into a learning and networking environment, and share our perspective with students from different sectors, such as government,” she said. “It was truly educational to learn about the various HR matters each of us faced, and well worth the many late nights studying,” she added. 

Mark VanDevelde, director and CEO of Dart Enterprises Ltd, said he is delighted with Mrs. Downing’s and Mrs. Wilson-Lindsay’s achievements.  

“We were glad we could support both Cindy and Marion in their dedication to furthering their professional education and knowledge. They set an example for young people here in Cayman, and we are proud of their efforts and achievements,” he said. 

They have also followed the footsteps of young managers within the Dart Group who have expanded their education and found opportunities within the organisation.  

Joanne Lawson, who earned her master’s in HR from the University of Portsmouth in 2004, strongly encouraged Mrs. Wilson-Lindsay and Mrs. Downing to strive toward a master’s degree. Gregory Barnes, previously vice president of HR, had a master’s degree prior to joining Dart. He also supported the women’s efforts to earn a secondary education and to never doubt their ability to achieve success.  



Support for employees 


Dart continues to support its employees in embracing new opportunities. The company has a training policy that offers employees 40 hours of training per year as a minimum, plus it is actively recruiting to fill a new position, manager for training and development, which will oversee internal training programmes. The firm also has a robust scholarship/mentoring programme for young Caymanians.  

For now, Mrs. Wilson-Lindsay and Mr. Downing are said to be savouring their achievements. They enjoyed two graduation ceremonies last year, one in Cayman at UCCI and the other at the University of Portsmouth.  

“When each of us walked across the stage to receive our degrees, we were confident that all of our dedication and efforts would not only serve us well in our profession, but also the Dart Group and the Cayman community,” Mrs. Wilson-Lindsay said. 

MSc graduation

Marion Wilson-Lindsay and Cindy Downing at their graduation.
Photo: Submitted

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