Contestants shop up a storm in Kirk Supermarket challenge


Ten ace shoppers had a shot at getting their hurricane supply shopping on the house in the Shop up a Storm Challenge at Kirk Supermarket recently. 

To enter the competition, shoppers had to spend $50 at Kirk, with 10 contestants being selected through a 
random draw. 

They then set off, two at a time, to collect as many items as possible from a hurricane supplies list, including two mandatory items.  

Contestants had 90 seconds to complete their shopping with the contestant boasting the highest total value at the end of the challenge winning the competition. The winner would take home the items in their trolley, as well as any items they could add during an additional 60 seconds.  

The second place finisher would go home with the items in their trolley, while third place received a gift certificate from Kirks. All other contestants received 
consolation prizes. 

In spite of a couple of near collisions, all the contestants made it through the challenge without injury, although ‘Cleanup on aisle one!’ was one of the most used phrases of the morning. 

A number of contestants were tripped up by the mandatory items on the list and ended up being disqualified for either missing out on the mandatory item or having the wrong brand. 

Most of the contestants professed to serious training for the event, including scouting the isles in the days leading up to the competition and working on a game plan for maximising their 90 seconds. 

Once all the totals were tallied, David Chavarri emerged as the winner, who managed to collect just short of $1,700 worth of qualifying items in his trolley. This almost quadrupled the total value collected by second place finisher Mari Parker, who had to get Doug Paul to do the run on her behalf as she suffered a pre-event injury, with Beverly Blair-Anglin taking third place. 

“I just went out to get the first two mandatory items and then after that I went down the medicine isle because I figured there was a lot of expensive stuff down there,” Mr. Chavarri said. 

“Basically I just stuck my arm out and ran and everything that fell in the cart fell in and then I went over to the bulk isle and picked up some of the bigger items over there. I finished right by the coolers so I stacked up as many as I could and called it a day,” he said. 

Most of the contestants admitted that although they had a plan, once they were off and running the plan went out the window. 

“It was very, very exciting! I did come into it with a strategy but I didn’t follow through. It was crazy but it’s fun,” Ms Blair-Anglin said. 

According to Rosalind Robinson, marketing manager for Kirk Supermarket, the event was a great success. 

“This morning was awesome – it was fun and a spectacle to watch. It was a tremendous effort by all of the shoppers – the passion and planning that was involved in all of it was really, really good. People got to know the items they can shop for for hurricane supplies and be prepared for when a hurricane comes,” Ms Robinson said. 

The competition was run in conjunction with 
Radio Cayman. 


Winning was a balancing act for David Chavarri. – Photo: Eugene Bonthuys

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