Coca-Cola scam is latest to hit Cayman

If you have received an email claiming to be from Coca-Cola saying you’ve won $500,000 in a recent promotion, Royal Cayman Islands Police advise not responding – it’s another scam.

RCIPS Chief Inspector Claudia Brady released a copy of the email, which is circulating in the Cayman Islands, purportedly sent by Coke.

“The people who send out these emails only need one or two people to fall for their scam to make it all worthwhile,” Ms Brady said. “Anyone who looks at the attached letter will see that it is very poor quality, not something that you would expect to be circulated from a company such as Coca-Cola. If you receive such a letter please ignore it or you will lose out financially.”

Anyone who requires any advice about how to spot an Internet scam should contact the Financial Crime Unit on 949-8797.


  1. SO I can pretty much forget that check coming from Pepsi for 350,000 and that Dr Pepper 75,000 ???

    Darn . Back to other great business ideas . Thank God I still have that great Nigerian deal where Im helping the President get 20,000,000 out and all I had to do is send 3,000 to cover the handling fees !! SO glad he chose me right ?

    And of course that SWEET multi level alpaca deal . Sounds easy enough . What do they eat again ???

  2. Stumble Forward, you can indeed forget the prizes from Pepsi and Dr Pepper, as I have been informed I have already won these prizes! I am obviously luckier than you, as I am always the 1,000,000 visitor to pretty much every website I go on!

  3. Coca-Cola cannot be the latest scam; CUC bill for teh month of June is. my electric bill went up by CI230 dollars in teh month of June and i have not done anything different to previous months. The price of fuel is going down yet CUC bill is increasing.

  4. Blue, these aren’t scams. I have personally seen the machines used to calculate bills. It is like a lottery system, a person will have their name called out, and then somebody pulls on a massive oversized lever. This leads to randomly generated numbers being produced. These numbers are then multiplied by Pi, to make it scientific and mathematical. CUC have one, and the Water Authority use a similar system, but theirs is built on bobbing for numbered apples in the first instance.

  5. Pattieman, i think you may be right.. seems my name was randomly picked and my bill went through the roof.. these people are raping the residents…maybe this fancy calculator has a switch that was turned on on June 1st for summer.

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