Good Cayman ambassadors

I am writing to let you and your readers know that the members of the Cayman Islands Team, which took part in the NatWest Island Games, were exemplary ambassadors for the Cayman Islands.

On 27th June the team attended a reception hosted by Andreas Ugland of Queensgate Bank Ltd. at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes. In my role as a deputy lieutenant of the Isle of Wight, I was delighted to welcome the team to the island. At the end of the evening all of the Isle of Wight dignitaries who attended the event told me how impressed they were with the members of the Cayman team.

My wife and I subsequently met members of the tam at the various sporting events. Again, the comments about the team’s behaviour throughout the week were all very positive. I was also delighted to read in the Isle of Wight County Press newspaper letters page the attached letter about some members of the Cayman team.

All the members of the Cayman Islands team deserve to be congratulated on the way they conducted themselves at the Games. As a former governor of the Cayman Islands I was proud to be associated with this wonderful group of young Caymanian athletes. They were a credit to themselves and to all the people of the Cayman Islands.

John Owen

Letter in Isle of

Wight County Press:

Such gents: A big thank you to the Cayman Islands team that travelled on the No. 1 bus from Cowes to Newport last Friday.

They were perfect gentlemen in giving up their seats on the bus to all the ladies that got on.

Thank you again to the team.

Mrs. Margaret Hunter,


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