Robbers smash way into store

Two men smashed their way through a glass door at
Reflections Tuesday night to commit a robbery, Royal Cayman Islands Police

Just before 11pm, police said sales and security staff were working within the
retail store just off Godfrey Nixon Way, George Town. The door to the store is
kept closed and locked. 

Police said two men who were outside the store began throwing rocks at the
glass door and one fired a shot into the door frame. The rocks shattered the
glass panel and one of the suspects, who was masked, climbed through the door
into the store. 

Staff members ran to the rear of the store and the suspect made off with the
cash register, police said. No one was injured in the incident.

Armed officers, K-9 and Air Operations units searched the surrounding area. No
arrests were immediately reported. 

The suspect who entered the store was described as stocky, wearing a black, long-sleeved
shirt and pants, white sneakers and black gloves. His face was
masked. No description was available at for the second suspect.

Anyone who was in the area at the time and witnessed the robbery, heard shots
being fired or saw the suspects run from the scene is asked to call George Town
police station on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

Drug arrests

About two hours after the Reflections robbery, two men were arrested just down the street at the Mirco Centre. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police said the arrests were made in connection with alleged drugs offences and did not connect the arrests to the robbery case.

RCIPS officers received a report just before 1am that two men were “acting suspiciously” at the Mirco
Centre. One man was described as having his face covered. 

Police officers immediately
attended the location and saw two men on bicycles leave the
Centre. One of the men was wearing a hoodie.  

The officers instructed the men to
stop but one cycled off, police said. He was then stopped by the officers a short distance
away. Both men, aged 21 and 24 years,  were searched and a quantity of ganja was
found, police said.  


  1. Police has no guns; the chruch fearing people refuse to arm the police; the security officer is paid less than 5 an hour – why should he put his life on the line to an employer who pays him pennies;
    God helps those who help themselves…

  2. All I can say is Wow, these guys are really doing their thing and they seem to be getting more and more organized. I think it’s probably past the point of no return. Cayman will never be the same, it’s no longer a safe haven so it’s time to stop advertising it as one.

    Welcome to the real world.

  3. is it really worth it to risk Jail time for a few hundred dollars ? these criminals are pathetic.

    you want to commit robery, GO BIG ! go rob a bank, or armoured car !

    world’s cheapest (and dumbest) criminals right here in cayman.

    (agreed with Blue)

  4. Cayman Expat, The issue here is are they really risking Jail time. In reality what are the chances that they will caught, convicted and actually sentenced to Jail time. Truthfully it’s practically no existent.

  5. Only after extensive and intensive training, psyciological testing, procedures in place, arms could be given to sworn police officers. Can Cayman do that? So please, people stop talking about arming security guards. You are out of your mind.

  6. Armed police and security guards will help level the playing field. The most effective way to stop crime is by physical punishment and hard labour. Our jails are not working people. Setting an example of what happens to armed criminals is the most effective way to send a message to law breakers.

  7. What is wrong with the staff? the time these people were throwing the rocks why did they not call the police? one could have used the chance to escape though the back and call the police at an adjoining premises or raise an alarm. We are too passive in this Island. It seems some of us is so stuck in the past, the 70s and 80s that we deceive ourselves that we are living back then.Things will never return to those days, we better get militant against these hoodlums. They read us up and can almost tell what our reactions will be. we are easy pickings. and there is too much formalities with the police and 911 in responding to incidents. by the time the finished asking you questions to fill out that long and complicated form and then to dispatch the police the robbers are long gone. The hoodlums knows this hence their disdain for their victims.

  8. agreed with NJ2Cay.

    agreed with Lucia, with proper training, and evaluations, and tests, yes, arming cops would be a step in the right direction.

    (if Cayman would allow arms to security guards (the ones i’ve seen) god help us)

  9. Sometimes a story needs no comment. Security Guards, now hters a laugh. These guys are as much of a deterrent to violence as there would be in bringing a knife to a gunfight. With crime on the rise, have these merchants not considerd an alarm system. I have a system on my house that would wave up Bush from the deep sleep he is always in.Next, how about an alarm system connected to the Police station.Never mind, it seems these guys cant even catch a cold. Air surveillance by the police to try and catch two thugs. What were they using for a get away, a row boat.

  10. I think that’s going to do it for me … time to find a new island to vacation on. I read the paper online every day and it seems to be getting worse and worse.

    I really hope that you find a solution to this crime spree because you have one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been on. I just can’t spend the time and money on a vacation where I don’t feel safe going out to dinner, shopping, or just exploring. I can remember driving / walking all over the island and never thinking twice about getting in any sort of trouble. If we ever got lost, the friendly locals would show us the right way (even lead us sometimes). Finding hidden beaches to hang out on and enjoy a peaceful sunset …

    Those days are gone for me. My guess is that Cayman will end up like Mexico with a bunch of all inclusive resorts that you really shouldn’t leave if you want to stay safe. It’s a shame because the island has so much to offer, but people won’t see anything except 7 Mile Beach for fear of being robbed.

    Good luck and I hope you can turn things around.

  11. Businesses and the people of Cayman simply MUST move further away from cash transactions as much as possible; easily said, I know, but essential.

  12. There’s not a lot that the average business owner and citizen can do about any of this that they are not allowed or assisted by the CI Government, to do.

    The current corruption scandal in Britain involving the very top police brass and the hacking scandal (industrial espionage)should send a chill warning to Cayman’s citizens….

    At least, in Britain, once its exposed, heads have to to roll, and its not over yet.

    Of course, the employees of these businesses are calling the police immediately; have any of you tried to call GT Central Police HQ and report a crime in progress or request assistance ?

    As a former nightclub security manager, in Cayman, I have and had to ask the Jamaican-origin phone operator, Do I sound like the criminal to you and while you are interrogating me like one, all hell is breaking loose in the street outside my location…this is the reason I’m calling you in the first place!

    I can guarantee any business owner, homeowner or any other client or customer, that there are security providers around the world who provide excellent armed and unarmed services for their clients and there would be no threat to these providers clients that would not be dealt with effectively…

    That some of these brazen criminals would be shot out of hand by trained security personnell, once they threatened a client’s business or home using a firearm is a foregone conclusion….there are such trained operatives available only for the price of a phone call and negotiation of a fee.

    If Cayman’s citizens had access to employ their own chosen security providers…

    What needs to be looked at is the integrity of the existing relationships between the RCIPS and the major security providers in Cayman…

    And we all know who they are…

    I’ll say no more on the matter.

  13. Old Hand

    Read my last comments on this issue and try to see what I’m saying…

    The world’s business system will never be able to function without cash and non-cash systems are open to cyber-fraud at an exhorbitant level.

    The key to protecting life and valuables from those who profit from relieving the owners of both, is effective security…of life and property.

    Ever since Cain killed Abel, in our Judeo/Christian history and heritage, humans have taken each others lives and possessions…we’ve had many thousands of years of becoming quite good at it actually.

    What puzzles me is the fear that Cayman’s citizens and business owners have for their own government and police high command that they are meekly accepting that they are neither being afforded societal protection by effective policing or…

    More questionably, being denied the right to afford and hire their own professional protection for their businesses and homes.

    If you question what I’m saying, research the Private Security Law 2007 and the RCIPS regulations for licencing private security companies and operatives(privately operating bodyguards)and see the connection with Cayman’s major security providers…

    and the level of service that they can and are providing.

    In that video, a professional, trained, armed security operative would have engaged these robbers long before the door was actually breached and there are those who are highly trained to do just that…

    They just cannot be hired in the Cayman Islands…

    Ask yourself why.

  14. Wehn do the lies stop? When doe the deception stop? When doe the the RICP take responsibility? When does the government realize that poor press releases does not cover the truth?

    I sold and moved, and may others have doent the same. There is a proble, and it is growing, and the lawyers arr winning ove the poorly organazied MLA. The local judges are wooses, and etthe situation continue to get more and more out of hand

    Anyway, ultil the court, and local politicians get a handle, Grand Cayman will turn into another Jamaica, or other Carribean tourist destination. Drugs INC !

    I feel sorry for you all.

    GEt off yor butts and do something. Woosies !!!!


  15. What would it take to convince the actual government (who are our employees by the way)that there is an immediate priority to clean up the streets of criminals. Any other project must be put on stand by and we need to deal with this now. How many wounded or dead will take? I am surprised no MLA or any other district leader has made any comments regarding our actual criminal situation. A previous comment mentions our meeky actions in regards to demand safety for our society from those who suppose to have the training and took an oath to protect and serve the good citizen of these islands. That commenter is right. We the public, the only thing we seem to do is vent on this blog.
    I for one, strongly believe it is going to get worth before there is a chance to get better (if any) from ending like the rest of the Caribbean. These criminals are the number one enemy of these islands. They are traitors to our country and its citizens and residents. They should be treated like such. No mercy with them. No rehabs center, no prison here. Just get rid of them, period. I can not even imagine how bad could get if we have a situation like the aftermath of a Hurricane. Grand Cayman is gonna be no man’s land, everyone on his/her own.
    Time is now to use a strong hand. Stop and check people every and anywhere. Raid night clubs and Bars and gathering places and anyone with a weapon, take them away….far away. Then we can see who comes to ask for them, if anyone cares.
    If a foreign force would attack us, we would be asking for help and use deadly force. Why wait? These are our terrorists. They have us scared to even go out at night to take the trash. They took over Grand already. RCIP please , clean them up from the face of the islands! Storm places at any time anywhere, be proactive with your armed officers. Make it uncomfortable for the bad element. We the good citizens, we have nothing to hide. Show force, make your oath come true.

  16. What’s dumb about it, mate ?

    Looks like a successful operation to me…

    Shots fired, door breached, cash register grabbed,
    successful escape executed…

    Looks more like taking candy from a baby actually.

    A better title might be ‘easiest robbery ever committed’.

    A sussessful escape with the loot equals a successful robbery=equals a smart robbery, in my books.

  17. Storm places at any time anywhere, be proactive with your armed officers. Make it uncomfortable for the bad element. We the good citizens, we have nothing to hide. Show force, make your oath come true.

    Anyway, until the court, and local politicians get a handle, Grand Cayman will turn into another Jamaica, or other Carribean tourist destination. Drugs INC !

    These are quotes from two posters expressing what many others are feeling right now, I assume.

    While I don’t live in Cayman, on reading of the state of affairs and and seeing stark video evidence, I worry for the safety of my family and friends who could just happen to be randomly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The Grand Cayman that I used to know always had an element of society that has always been capable of these acts and as recently as when Stuart Kernohan was CoP or thereabouts, major gangleaders were convicted of attempted murder and put away for many years; as recently as 2006/07 there was not armed gunmen running rampant in Cayman.

    What in heaven’s sake has happened since then ?

    I left the Cayman Islands permanently in 2008 and just after the last election in 2009, all hell seemed to break loose.

    What has happened in the space of 3 short years that has had all societal safety measures be rendered non-effective and all societal restraints loosened to a point of near anarchy ?

    In repsonse to both of these comments, as harsh as it might sound, let me remind readers of one thing that many Caymanians either do not know or have forgotten…

    The Jamaica Defence Force is a Royal Military army, meaning the JDF is an official division of the British Army, Jamaica still being a Commonwealth nation holding the Queen of England as its head of state.

    Jamaica, as a country plagued by crime, still does not let anarchy rule Jamaica…when things get out of hand, we impose a state of emergency and put the JDF military on the streets of Jamaica, when the Jamaica Constabulary Force cannot control the criminal element in the society.

    If the Royal Cayman islands Police Service can and actually are convincing the Caymanian population that they have this crime situation under control, then something is drastically wrong with the Caymanian population.

    How many more robberies and shootings will in take in this small island of 100 square miles to convince its residents that criminal anarchy has taken over the country ?

    A six-month state of emergency by the Jamaica Defence Force in the Cayman Islands would bring this under control.

    The Caymanians now living in Britain have the option of making a direct appeal to her Majesty the Queen to personally look into this matter…

    As one poster has said, the law abiding citizens of Cayman would understand their civil liberties being curtailed for a limited amount of time while the JDF puts its boots up the ar**s of these criminal punks who have taken over the Cayman Islands.

    Lets see how long we will have to wait before requesting England’s intervention to put the JDF on the streets of Cayman.

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