Grandmother dies days after pool accident

The 68-year-old woman who jumped into an apartment complex pool attempting to save her two year-old grandson was pronounced dead at the Cayman Islands hospital early Thursday morning.

The elderly woman was pulled from the pool at the Town and Country Townhouses off Smith Road in George Town Monday afternoon by her daughter. In the process of taking her elderly mother from the pool, the woman realised her toddler was lying at the bottom, complex residents told the Caymanian Compass.

A neighbour jumped in to take the boy out of the pool.

The child, named Joshua, died on arrival at hospital Monday evening. His grandmother remained in critical condition until her death Thursday morning.

The incident was believed to have happened sometime around 4.30pm Monday. It was not clear how the child ended up in the pool – but the pool area at the complex had no gate or fence around it.  

Residents said the boy’s 9-year-old sister, who was home at the time the incident occurred and found both her brother and grandmother floating in the pool, called her mother to alert her to the situation.

The boy’s mother found the 68-year-old woman in the pool when she arrived.

One nearby resident was alerted to the incident when she heard screaming coming from the pool area. The woman, an expatriate from Romania who gave her first name as ‘Mihaela’, said she ran out immediately and met a horrifying scene. 

“I looked at the pool [and there] was the mother of the baby with a friend of hers trying to pick up the grandmother from the pool,” Mihaela said. “She was shouting ‘the baby, the baby’, so I went and rescued the baby out of the bottom of the pool.”

She said the child was face-down at the bottom of the pool when she dove in to try and save him. 

“I don’t know, just going and jumping and save the baby … you don’t even think, you just try to save,” she said. “It happened in a second.” 



The pool where Monday’s accident occurred.
Brent Fuller


  1. This is soooo sad. My heart is breaking for these ppl and I don’t even know them. I can just relate as a mother of a two year old boy whose mother also can’t swim and would do the same thing had it been my son. My condolences to the family. Poor child…May God be with everyone involved.

  2. My heart breaks just thinking if it was my child. My sincerest condolences to the family.

    If only the pool and/or doorway was gated. 2 Y/O’s can disappear quickly from sight and the grandmother probably did not miss him for too long. A gate would have provided atleast some time to allow the grandmother to find the child.

    Especially with a open pool nearby, i urge any parents to buy a childproof door gate.

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