‘Mrs. Meddie’ taken to Miami

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The Bodden Town petrol station clerk who was shot during a 13 July robbery is being flown to Miami for further treatment, according to her family members.  

Medsadie Connor, 57, was shot in the shoulder and knee in the heist; which occurred across the street from the business where 
she worked.  

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service investigators believe the shooter waited in the bushes for Mrs. Connor when she left work, thinking that she might be carrying earnings from the convenience store-gas station with her.  

She was not carrying business takings, but the suspect did make off with her purse, police said.  

According to her daughters, the grandmother of six children is struggling with the knee injury. Mrs. Connor’s daughter Annette Dailey said the woman’s knee was broken by the bullet fired by a shooter who demanded that Mrs. Connor ‘gimme the money’, or words to that effect.  

Mrs. Dailey said the repairs needed on Mrs. Connor’s leg couldn’t be done in Cayman, despite two surgeries on the injury. “She is in good spirit and hopeful that she won’t be in Miami for long,” Mrs. Dailey said.  

Police and local business owners have combined to offer a reward of $40,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects responsible for the 13 July shooting. RCIPS officers believe two men were involved in the incident, although there was only one shooter.  

Mrs. Connor’s shooting was the second to occur within the past month during a robbery scenario outside a local business.  

The first happened on 29 June when Cayman Islands Brewery worker Kemar Golding was shot in the eye while emptying trash outside a Red Bay jerk chicken stand. Mr. Golding did not have any money on him, so the suspects came away with nothing in that attack.  

Mr. Golding lost his left eye in the shooting, but he did survive.  

Police Commissioner David Baines said this type of violent robbery has local police concerned, particularly with two other recent George Town store heists where gun shots were fired.  

“Cash handling locations such as garages, restaurants, bars and fast food places are being targeted, often at the end of the night when it’s believed there will be a degree of cash to hand,” Mr. Baines said 

Mr. Baines said there is a degree of planning involved in these types of robberies, but they are largely crimes of opportunity.  

“Quite often it could have been any garage, any fast food restaurant … if a person was going past one location and there were too many people, they would go to another place,” Mr. Baines said. “It is a worrying escalation. Shooting a young man in the eye when he has no money or a 57-year-old woman for a small sum of personal cash – is that what Cayman has become?  

“While we cannot definitively link the two incidents, the blasé manner in which people were shot, combined with the time and the modus operandi of the crimes, suggest that they may be linked,” Mr. Baines said.  

There had been no arrests reported in connection with either Mrs. Connor’s or Mr. Golding’s shooting 
by press time.  

Mrs Meddie

Paramedics place Medsadie Connor, 57, on a stretcher shortly after she was shot the evening of 13 July.
Jewel Levy

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