Mrs. Meddie’s shooting strikes Bodden Town community hard


Police commanders and business owners came together last week seeking more clues in the 13 July shooting of a Bodden Town gas station clerk.  

Medsadie Connor, 57, was shot in the knee and shoulder in a robbery across the street from Lorna’s Texaco.  

Neither man suspected in the crime had been caught as of press time.  

Petrol station owner Osbourne Bodden offered his own money to boost a police reward for information to $40,000. That award will go for details leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.  

“We need the support of the community and we want to know that these people are caught and convicted,” Mr. Bodden said. “It was a hideous crime and it is fortunate that I still have my employee with us. 

“Mrs. Connor went through a difficult situation just because they thought she had money in her handbag. I am asking the community to please speak out and let the police know what you know.  

“The people that did this crime are not living in a vacuum or a cave,” he said. “They are friends; they are relatives out there in the community. The community knows who did this. We want them caught so we are putting our money where our mouth is. We are serious, We do not want this happening in the community it is bad enough for Bidden Town but overall it is bad for the Cayman Islands.” 

Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Ennis joined Mr. Bodden in his call Thursday.  

Mr. Ennis said there were organized elements involved in the crimes taking place. 

He said the police were not just relying on the reward money to capture the criminal, but said police would do whatever it took to encourage someone to come forward. 

“There is no guarantee that the reward will work but we are hoping it works, backed by Mr. Bodden,” Mr. Ennis said. “There is a lot of fear in the community and reluctance to speak to police. The community is under a grip of fear and we need to break it. 

“It is unfortunate that we have come to this and as a citizen of this country and as a Bodden Towner, I want to see this come to a stop,” Mr. Bodden said. “The stress of this type of living, the fear of walking into your yard, the fear for family, fear of going on vacation, we have to put a stop to this. 

“The community and the police together must stand up and use every resource possible, even if it takes a change of system or policy whatever it takes we have to stop this and stop it now,” he said. “We do not want to be where we are all living behind bars, it is getting to that point because now I have to grill up my property and soon people have to do it to their homes. We do not want Cayman to come to that. At this stage in life I will not be running. I will make a stand and do my best to put a stop to it.” 

Since the incident, Mr. Bodden has trimmed back a grape tree and cleared the underbrush across from the store. Mr. Bodden said he also had timers put on the lights, so when the staff leave at night the area around the gas station is well illuminated.  

“For such a very small business it is very hard. I am looking at the possibility of putting buzzers on the doors, and extra cameras,” he said. “I have fifteen cameras on the property and one would have thought that would be enough.” 

texaco shooting

Lorna’s Texaco owner Osbourne Bodden shows deputy ccommissioner Anthony Ennis, left, and inspector Richard Harford how he trimmed the grape tree after the shooting of his employee.
Jewel Levy

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