Sunday brunch goes to the dogs


Cayman’s abandoned pets are benefitting from the tradition of Sunday brunch thanks to Ortanique. 

The restaurant in Camana Bay is donating 5 per cent of the profits from it’s Sunday brunch to Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiast. The brunch itself is unique, as it offers a special three-course menu for canine companions as well. 

“Something like this is great, we can come along and actually enjoy the benefits at the Sunday brunch ourselves with our pets and give back to CARE that way, through enjoyment rather than through sweat and tears,” said Tracey Goldie of CARE. 

According to Mike Finnerty, general manager of Ortanique, the restaurant decided to donate part of the proceeds from Sunday brunch to CARE on an ongoing basis as part of their community involvement.  

“It’s very comfortable on the couches out on the patio and we have upwards of a dozen dogs that come out with their owners,” Mr. Finnerty said. “They really enjoy them, make a lot of friends and get to sit outside in the nice breeze, and at the same time help CARE support their cause.” 

Mr. Finnerty said the brunch and associated donations to CARE will be an ongoing project. 

Brad Pitt, a dog recently rescued from the George Town dump by CARE volunteers, accepted the donation on behalf of the organisation. He has made an amazing recovery from being hairless and emaciated when found to being a healthy and happy dog and very photogenic too. 

Ms Goldie said the money will go towards CARE’s spay and neuter campaign. 

“Last month we spayed and neutered 38 animals, which is our highest number yet. We’re trying to get to 40. We’ve spayed and neutered 414 animals since we started recording in February 2009,” she said. 

The organisation also sends animals off island to shelters in the United States and Canada. 

“We’ve sent 190 animals off Island through our association with shelters in the US and Canada. We realise that sending them overseas isn’t the solution, it’s a band-aid solution,” Ms Goldie said. 

Brunch to the dogs

Sara Mair and Cindy Hutson of Ortanique present a cheque to Brad Pitt.
Eugene Bonthuys


  1. This is so great!!! I wish more local businesses would do this sort of thing; donate a portion of their profits to a worthy cause. I can’t think of a more worthy cause than improving the lives of animals. Thank you, Ortanique!!! And thank you, CARE for your continued efforts towards the wellfare of Cayman’s animals.

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